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When it comes to the uses of window frosting, both commercial and private, the possibilities are endless. We have spoken before about the many ways in which this versatile window treatment can help increase privacy, create a more productive work environment and even enhance your company brand. In this blog, we take a look at a project where window frosting was used in all its different forms to truly reap the benefits of the product. We’ll be taking a closer look at how window frosting was used in the pop-up Skate Café & Bar at the Somerset House Ice Rink in London.

The brief

The café is situated next to one of the trendiest skating rinks in London and offers seasonal treats in the form of mulled wine, baked goods and other delights, including club nights. Situated in the sophisticated artistic hub of Somerset House, which is home to many cultural and artistic organisations, the temporary winter lounge has to fit into its surroundings. The brief for the specific project in 2010, required the café to replicate its wintery frosted environment. This required imagery of snowflakes, ice skaters and other elements of a frosted landscape. What better way to achieve this than with window frosting (pun intended)?

The setup

Window frosting was used to create a unique snow scene with imagery of snowflakes, ice crystals and ice skaters on the windows encasing the temporary structure. The café overlooks the ice rink, therefore the view had to be unobstructed – the window frosting was placed at the top and bottom of the glass. The walls inside the café were also adorned with the same winter wonderland illustrations in different seasonal colours of vinyl frosting.

The benefits

Many other decorative treatments could’ve been used to fulfil the brief, but the vinyl frosting proved to be the perfect match for this specific project. Not only does it effectively replicate its surroundings, it also has more than one use. Here are some of the other benefits the café reaped by using window frosting as its preferred treatment:

  • Branding

Window frosting effectively and uniquely communicated the café’s brand. The frosted look added to the ambience of the ice rink as well as the design elements that were used to decorate the entire structure – making for a collective brand message. The window frosting was also used to display the café’s winter specials and other items available.

  • Decorative

There are very few other glass treatments that can help to create the frosted look with the versatile and cost-effective features of vinyl frosting. It is easy to customise, ensuring that you get the exact design you desire.

  • Insulating

Window frosting is a great insulator of both hot and cool air. In the dead of London winter, with a massive slab of frozen ice next to it, the café is sure to get its fair share of icy temperatures. With large vinyl frosting stickers used across the structure, the area could retain as much heat as possible inside without overusing heating appliances.

  • Temporary

The café is seasonal and as the ice rink closes after the festive season, so too does the Skate Bar. Window frosting can be as easily removed as it is applied, which means that the café can boast a different custom-designed theme every winter.

The Skate Bar is but one of many real-life examples of how window frosting can be used in the commercial arena. The Window Art team is always ready to take on new challenges and help you create the perfect design and branding for your business. Looking for some ideas for your business? Have a browse through our Window Frosting Inspiration Guide.

Image credit: https://www.behance.net/gallery/1631843/TATE-TIFFANY-SOMERSET-HOUSE-SKATE-CAFE-AND-BAR

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