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The interior décor you choose for your home should reflect your personality. Creating a living space that showcases your likes, passions and quirks will make you feel a sense of happiness and comfort when you walk in the door.

Because current home décor trends encourage homeowners to inject their personality into their homes, there is no longer the need to make the rooms in your home ‘perfect’. Don’t force everything to match and look staged – you don’t want a designer home, you want a personalised masterpiece. Finding a current home design trend that resonates with you is key. You don’t have to stick to the rules though, as that will only hinder your ability to create something special and exclusive.

Vinyl art can be made into any style or design you require.

We are in the game of window treatments, which means that we often get roped into working together with homeowners or their interior designers to create custom-designed vinyl art to suit their personal style. Vinyl art is an extremely versatile way of including a design theme in the home. It can be used in every single room in the home and creates a uniformed design throughout the space, really cementing a design.

If you are looking to include your personality into your interior design, vinyl art is certainly an easy and affordable way of doing so. Check out our gallery of designs here. However, if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, our graphic designers can sit with you and create just about anything your heart and inner style guru desires.

Vinyl art, like the frosted vinyl decals we specialise in, can replace any and all other window treatments.

Vinyl art is not only about creating pretty designs or allowing you to include an artistic representation on your windows. It’s also beneficial to the home. Vinyl art can offer customised privacy while still allowing for natural light to fill the room and without hindering your view. Frosted vinyl art decals, such as those that Window Art has to offer, protect against harmful UV rays entering your home and have insulating properties. This means that they keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Vinyl art is also far easier to clean and a hassle-free installation that can be applied to any glass surface in your home.

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