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With the Heritage Day almost upon us (on 24th September) it’s time to be inspired by our culture African heritage. Your home interior design and décor is a great way to showcase your culture and love for all things African. 

Here’s how to include African heritage interior design in your home: 

Create a mini museum

Find items such as paintings, sculptures and artifacts to include in your home décor. African sculptures are very popular and can be used in door ways to frame your entry and exit areas. You could create a feature wall filled with paintings and even photography of defining moments in African history or of prolific places in our country or surrounding countries. The likes of Robben Island or the Orange River.

Mix and match prints and designs

African interior design styles allow for a lot of prints to be included in the home. The prints are capitavting and often replicate designs found in nature or throughout the animal kingdom. Tribal designs found throughout Africa make use of loud and bold colours, beadwork and different textures. You can throw these altogether in your home and ground the interior with wall paint in earthy tones and neutral. Choose an earthy colour palette when purchasing your lounge suit, coffee table, rugs and the like – in this way your prints, feature pieces and art will be spotlighted.

Include nature in your interior design

Nothing says ‘Africa’ quite like wood. To create an inspired African interior design style, look at including woods such as cedar, ebony or African Mahogany. You can also include earthenware into the space as these pieces are fairly authentic to many African cultures across the continent. When the weather turns colder you can look to layer some animal print faux fur comforters across your lounge chairs, in this way you include the animal kingdom into your interior design.

Allow for the African sun to be a part of your home

The hot African sun should be allowed into your home in order to achieve African inspired interior design. You can do this by installing large bay windows and leaving them uncovered. You should remove your curtains and blinds so that the warmth of the sun can enter your interior and your view of the outside is exposed. To attend to your privacy and safety needs you should make use of frosted window film. The window film can be designed to suit your specific privacy needs, it will protect your family and furnishings from the harmful UV rays, it will ward off any irritating glare you may experience from the sun and it can be custom made to suit your specific needs and design style.

We at Window Art are a proudly South African company and we have created many exciting African inspired designs to suit the interior design style of our customers who have embraced this type of style. Have a look at our catalogue here:

Enjoy Heritage Day and lekker braai!

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