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Alternative energy: What it means for our country and our homes [infographic]

According to Engineering News  wind energy is an ever-growing alternative energy source in South Africa. The South African Wind Energy Association (SAWEA) is touting that 2500 wind turbines should be operating around South Africa by 2020. With the world having just celebrated the annual Global Wind Day on 15 June, wind energy is highlighted as having the power to turnaround the energy crisis. It is a fact that more than 80 countries around the world are operating and generating energy from this clean and renewable source.

If we are able to meet the goal of installing 2500 wind turbines in South Africa and successfully harness wind power as an alternative energy source then we would be able to immediately lower the risk of load shedding and the ever-imminent blackout that the government keeps referring to.

Solar power has always been cited as a popular alternative energy source but wind energy is gaining a lot of traction.

In fact, The Global Wind Energy Council used Global Wind Day to emphasise just how mainstream wind power has become in the world of alternative energy. To find out more about wind power as an alternative energy you can visit the SAWEA website  and do some interesting reading about the seven amazing facts about wind power in SA .

So what does that mean for the average South African?

Alternative energy such as wind power has the potential to save our bacon, but only in the long run. In the meantime we will have to endure load shedding and do our best to assist with lessening the usage of energy in our country.

There are many ways in which you can become more energy conscious in your home but we have found an infographic from Happier Homes which is concise and a visual reminder of the most obvious ways in which to save electricity.

infographic saving energy big

This infographic takes you through each and every room in your home and addresses the appliances most often and commonly used in these areas of the house. It offers tips of how to lessen the energy you use on a daily basis.

If the televised warnings and alert notices about electricity usage are anything to go by and we all adhere to this infographic’s energy saving tips, we should be able to at least curb the frequency of load shedding.

Our vinyl decals at Window Art are considered an eco-friendly home installation as they maximise natural lighting which in turn diminishes the need for artificial lighting and they have insulating properties which thwarts the use of temperature control appliances. Due to us having installed vinyl decals in many a home looking to go green we also published a Guide to Green Building your Home, which you can download for free. It includes ample ways in which save energy in your home.

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