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Social media is increasingly becoming the go-to source of all information. Instagram in particular can be a source of real-time design inspiration. You are able to connect with people no matter where they are in the world and get access to the latest baby room ideas straight from the Instagram accounts that matter the most. Moms-to-be, follow these baby room ideas if you want to create a magical nursery.

Hanging décor on the wall

It seems that hanging a collection of odd items is the in thing. Hang items such as oval mirrors, a faux taxidermy head in the form of a stuffed unicorn, family photo frames or dream catchers, as you seen from the image below sourced from Kirk Lands Instagram feed. Whether this is to give mom something to admire or to help little ones sleep peacefully, it’s reassuring to see that the nursery is being treated like any other room in the house, one that deserves just as much attention to detail and décor finesse as any other.

According to Posh Baby, a leading social media authority when it comes to child room design inspiration, “don’t limit your nursery décor shopping to only baby departments and baby stores.” You can find some of the best pieces of décor and furniture in other stores or use family hand-me-downs and fix them up and incorporate your own personal touch. When drawing up your baby room ideas, keep in mind, “everything doesn’t have to be brand new.”

Build a corner for allowing your little one’s imagination to soar!

Create the perfect hideaway by adding a delicate teepee tent made especially for the little ones, just like this one featured in Project Nursery’s Instagram feed:

This concept will work well for a toddler, the same way Little Interiors upgraded this room. This desert styled nursery by photographer and mom, Ashley Kim showcases a sophisticated theme of desert vibes and has a calming effect on you as gaze upon it.

Little touches to add to your baby room ideas

According to the Parents magazine, when you think of a nursery, colours such as the traditional pink blush or a soft blue probably springs to mind, but other pastels worth your consideration are periwinkle, lilac, and pale green. Richer hues in the nursery are trending right now, this is in line with Plascon’s 2017 colour forecast. Their colour of the year in particular entitled In the Mood which is made up of an earthy grey with subtle pink tints.

Other interesting décor elements I came across on Instagram include :

  1. Hanging beautiful lace tassels about the room,
  2. Adding a quote or verse over a wooden pallet wall just above the crib. Although this trended for much of 2015, according to the
  3. Parents magazine, “we’re seeing it in a little bit of a different way with wood-paneled pieces for the wall with sayings like, ‘You Are My Sunshine’ or one wood letter for the child’s name.”
  4. You can’t go wrong with décor elements that feature baby animals,
  5. Or the ever favorite wall decals and elegant wallpaper displays.

How Window Art can add a delicate touch to your nursery

Our window decals will block out harsh light that might stream through your nursery room. The film will protect your little one’s skin and eyes from the sun’s glare. Nurse your baby in privacy and rest assured that no one will break in, because adding window decals to any window strengthens it considerably. You can provide designs you have in mind to suit the aesthetic appeal of the room. Or we can offer our own suggestions. For more information feel free to download our beautiful home renovations guide.

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