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We all know that it’s the kitchen and bathrooms that make a house. Whether you’re looking to sell or just want to spruce up your abode, the bathroom should be one of your top priorities when renovating. However, approach with care as there are many horror stories on the internet of bathroom renovation ideas gone wrong – like this, for instance. We’ve taken a look at some of the most important aspects of bathroom design that require your attention, and have separated the good from the bad – and the downright ugly.

Approach your bathroom design theme with caution to avoid travelling back in time.

Flush: Avoid matchy-matchy décor at all costs – from the tiles, bathtub, the curtains and fluffy toilet seat cover. An era of bathroom renovation best forgotten:  your bathroom isn’t going to a Matric farewell in the 80s. Washrooms drenched in brown paisley patterned tiles, toilet paper doilies and matching everything should stay in the past.

Follow: Modern bathroom renovation ideas abound with clean and simplistic design elements. You can mix-and-match, but stick to timeless trimmings like stainless steel and glass. The phrase ‘less is more’ should be top of mind with all bathroom renovation ideas – there’s nothing more off-putting than a cluttered bathroom.

Tread lightly when looking at floor and wall coverings. 

Flush: Tiling is one of the costliest and most time consuming aspects to consider when renovating your bathroom – so choose carefully. Tile borders with little seashells, or even colourful mosaics, are a big bathroom renovation ‘no-no’. Slate tiles are also becoming outdated and if not properly sealed, can start to absorb moisture. Grey or black slate will also darken your bathroom area.

Follow: When it comes to tiling, stick to the classic bathroom renovation ideas, as you don’t want to go through this costly exercise every few years. You can achieve this design theme by using porcelain or even plain ceramic tiles on your floors and walls – both make for a clean, timeless décor element, and go well with glass and steel finishes.

Ensure that your shower is both practical and stylish.

Flush: When renovating your shower stay as far away as possible from the shower curtain aisle. Let’s be honest, no one likes the feeling of jumping around in the shower to avoid a wet, preying curtain from touching them. Curtains also take long to dry which leaves them vulnerable to mildew build-up.

Follow: Glass is a timeless and elegant décor element to bring into your bathroom – the more the better. Although it requires a bigger initial investment, big glass shower doors will open up the space and are easier to clean and maintain. They also give you an opportunity to up the style of your bathroom. Apply custom-designed vinyl frosting to your shower doors to create a bespoke décor element in your bathroom and increase privacy.

Bring in more light and get rid of old-school window treatments.

Flush: Don’t even think about purchasing new bathroom curtains or blinds. They are a continual money waster as you’ll have to replace them quite frequently. Both curtains and blinds tend to become tatty due to moisture and certain materials and patterns date quickly.

Follow: One of the most popular bathroom renovation ideas is to optimise natural light as much as possible. Increase the size of your bathroom window – from floor-to-ceiling if possible – to open up the space and let natural light stream in. Instead of a blind or curtain to see to your privacy needs, vinyl frosting should be your go-to window treatment. It remains opaque even when wet or the lights are switched on at night.

No matter what your bathroom design ideas entail, Window Art is standing by to help you get the most out of your glass fittings. Choose from our comprehensive range of vinyl frosting designs or simply create your own. For more bathroom renovation ideas, look through our Home Renovations Guide.

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