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While office partitioning screens can be seen as boring, stuffy and not in accordance with the open-plan office designs that are currently popular, they are sometimes needed. Sometimes the din coming from the workforce can be most distracting. Many employees resort to headphones to tune out the racket their colleagues are making, however, some are just as distracted by the visual disturbance of seeing the hustle and bustle in the office.

While open-plan office design is in mode, many are after at least an element of privacy in the work space.

There is a bit of a tug of war happening between the supporters of open-plan office design and the supporters of office partitioning screens or isolated office spaces. Open-plan office design is proven to support an environment of collaboration, teamwork and brainstorming but some are simply not able to perform at optimum in this type of setting. The use of office partitioning screens will provide your employees with their own designated space – a space to tune out of the environment and focus only on the task at hand. Any boss, manager or supervisor would certainly choose to have employees completing all their work effectively and efficiently as opposed to missed deadlines but lots of brainstorming, wouldn’t they?

Glass office partitioning screens are the answer to blending elements of privacy and quiet with modern style.

So how about a compromise on these two design ideas for the office environment? A composite of modern, open-plan office arrangements with designated, private workstations is possible. We believe the ultimate solution is to use glass office partitioning screens. By using glass you have enough flexibility to blend style and privacy.

Glass office partitioning screens can be treated to create the privacy you need.

Glass does not isolate areas as much as walls or hardwood office cubicles do. The pure fact that glass is transparent means that your employees won’t feel isolated and can choose whether to pay attention to the activities of those around them, or not. Glass office partitioning is an ideal solution to create an element of privacy when and where necessary, due to the treatments available for the partitions. You have the option of conventional tinting film, decorative sandblasting or using frosted window vinyl decals to create privacy. Frosted decals are by far the easiest, most fuss-free option and have many additional benefits.

Frosted window vinyl decals – such as the product that Window Art offers – can be a plain, simple frosting or they can be created with a design. The design you choose can be mimicked throughout the office and in the professional environment this design may be the company logo. Having your logo throughout your office space is an excellent idea for corporate branding, especially if you see many clients through the door. It also has a positive psychological influence over your employees – allowing them to feel motivated, proud and positive about the company.

Your staff will appreciate being given the option of working in a collaborative space or in a private, semi-isolated space.

Certainly once you have a crowd of happy employees who have the choice of working in a collaborative space or working in private – you will have a productive workforce.

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