Glass-walled boardrooms is a popular design feature but with the abundance of natural light and pleasant open feeling comes other challenges like the glare of the sun and a need for privacy. Boardrooms have to serve a multitude of purposes. When it\’s just you meeting with your staff, a nice open feeling is great but when you conduct sensitive meetings, or want to shield one client\’s meeting from another, you need privacy.

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Boardrooms are easily created by using glass panes as walls. This is a popular feature in many offices and they are used for many different purposes. You can create a sophisticated look and feel to your glass boardroom by treating the glass with frosted vinyl. You can custom-design decals to suit your specific privacy needs and align with the interior style of the office.

Some Great Examples

A Touch of Prestige

If you are looking to add a touch of prestige to your
boardroom then consider vinyl art for that added
sophistication. Vinyl art used in a boardroom can be a
branding and advertising opportunity or simply an inspired
design element to motivate your think-tank. This image above
showcases an installation we completed for an agency who
found themselves in many client meetings. They wanted their
glass boardrooms and small meeting rooms to have a touch of
design, so these simple frosted vinyls served them well and
created a uniformed design throughout the office.


Frosted Vinyl for Discretion

Frosted vinyl art in the boardroom is an excellent way to
customise your privacy. Unlike blinds or curtains, frosted
vinyl art still allows for light to stream through the glass
in the room and yet has anti-glare properties and insulates
the room. In extremely corporate settings the boardroom
often needs a high level of discretion as sensitive
information and client’s private matters are handled in
these rooms. By creating a boardroom with glass walls and
frosted vinyl you will be able to create a space that
doesn’t feel dark and isolated but is still private
offering optimum discretion.


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