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Businesses are constantly evolving, making an effort to improve their offering to their customers. Companies have become just as focused on their staff as they are on their customers, because mounting evidence shows that employee satisfaction equals productivity and profitability. It thus can be said that creating an optimal workspace that is underpinned by employee wellbeing, is key to securing company growth and increasing profits.

Companies, who welcome their customers to their offices, make use of branding opportunities within their workspace as this underpins their identity to the customer.

Trends show that companies not only have branding so their customers can identify with them, but also for the benefit of their employees. For the latter, the branding highlights elements of the company’s corporate culture. The work environment is filled with internal marketing campaigns, motivational elements and an inspiring aesthetic that should support productivity amongst the staff.

Glass is a popular structural material in modern office buildings and it provides an excellent opportunity for branding and design.

Modern office buildings make use of glass throughout their structure and design. In fact, modern workspaces are filled with glass walls and partitions as opposed to the ‘old’ dry walls and chipboard partitions of yesteryear. Branding the glass in the office space has become an ideal way to implement a constant flow of design and corporate culture.

You can create a sophisticated look and feel by frosting the glass in bespoke designs.

There are only two ways to achieve a frosted look on glass and that is by sandblasting the glass or by using frosted window film. Decorative sandblasting will damage the glass and it is a permanent whereas as frosted window film will not cause damage and it can be easily removed when and if necessary. As most office space is rented and not owned, using frosted window film means that should you move premises you will not have to replace or ‘fix’ any of the glass.

Furthermore, frosted window film can easily be custom-designed to suit your style and branding needs. Whether you would like a logo, a design, motivational wording or even a graphic image – it can easily be created to your specifications and installed in one quick afternoon. Because window film is not a permanent installation should you decide to rebrand your company or update your logo, slogan or name as you grow, you can easily update all your corporate branding too. Window film allows for an enormous amount of flexibility when used for corporate branding purposes.

To find out more about using window film in your work environment, please take a look at our free downloadable Office Design and Corporate Branding Guide.

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