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Glass is a standard material used in many building structures and is most often viewed as having utilitarian purposes as opposed to being a decorative focal point. With the different glass treatments available in the home design marketplace, however, glass has proven to have the ability to change your home’s interior from mundane and traditional to inspiring and impressive.

Here are some of our favourite creative glass design ideas that you could include in your home:

Frameless showers for a seamless glass design in the bathroom.

Using glass to demarcate areas or as doorways can blur the lines that frames and solid doorways create. One area in the home that looks inspired, when using glass as the main structural material, is the bathroom. Frameless showers are a popular glass design trend and look very modern, but they can offer more than a simple and beautiful aesthetic.

The shower is often the centrepiece in the bathroom and yet can also look very grubby if not maintained to a pristine level. A frameless shower is far easier to keep sparkling as it is simply wiped clean of any mould and mildew or limescale and you no longer have to be concerned about the build-up on the frame or the silicon sealant. Frameless showers also offer a streamlined design that will take up less space in what is often a small room.

To indulge in a bit of glass design detail, consider a bespoke frosted vinyl decal applied to your shower door, your mirrors, outward facing windows or entryway doors with glass panes. This will afford you privacy and style in this most visited room in your home.

Far-reaching windows will complement any room in your home.

Floor to ceiling windows overlooking the garden or pool area have become very popular in many modern homes. These windows are large panes of thick glass that are often as wide as they are tall. The glass design may differ though, where you may see not only square and rectangular panes but also circular, diamond or hexagonal shapes.

Floor to ceiling windows can work well in any part of the home. When used in a living room or lounge setting, however, it has the makings of a bay window. An expansive view to the outside will naturally draw anyone in to enjoy the scenery. So why not gather some comfortable seating that will invite people to stay as long as they please?

One of the main reasons why many are including such large windows in their homes is because of the amount of natural light that these windows allow in. To add a touch of glass design we suggest using frosted vinyl decals as curtains or blinds will diminish the natural light.

Staircase windows will brighten up a dark stairwell.

Staircase windows seek to include natural light in an otherwise poorly lit area of the home. The staircase connecting the two floors of your home can be very dark if there are no windows, and will require artificial lighting to ensure people can see where they are going. Keeping the lights on will increase your electricity bill, your carbon footprint and will not offer the benefits that natural lighting does in your home.

Staircase windows really are a must. However, this is an area in the home that is purely for accessing a different floor. Therefore, the windows are designed in different shapes and sizes to create a glass design that looks exciting and not one that compliments any kind of view. The staircase windows may be in a circular, diamond or a thin rectangular shape (to name a few popular shapes we have seen). To maintain privacy, window treatments are necessary. However, custom designing blinds and curtains to fit these atypically shaped windows is a costly and fussy affair. Frosting the staircase windows is the ideal fuss-free solution to your privacy needs.

Sliding doors offer an inclusive feel of your outdoor entertainment area and your interior.

Sliding doors are standard in many a home, especially when the home includes an outdoor pool and entertainment area. Glass design on sliding doors is rather uncommon though. No matter how stylish the home, quite often many sliding doors are marred by silly stickers of dolphins or Mickey Mouse or the like. These are strategically placed to prevent people from walking into the sliding door, mistakenly thinking it was open. This looks tacky to say the least.

The only stylish glass design applicable to sliding doors is frosted vinyl decals or alternatively curtains and blinds. Other glass treatments such as decorative sandblasting will damage the glass rendering it unsafe. To maximise natural light and include the outdoors in your interior design, frosted vinyl decals are your best bet.

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