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 Window film can be used in a variety of different ways. Because it’s easily designed and cut into a custom-made décor element in the home or the office, it can be used in many creative ways. Here are a few suggestions of creative ways to incorporate window film in areas of your home:

In the home, window film can be used not only as an element of décor but also as a fun educational tool for your children.

 You can use window film to decorate your children’s bedrooms and playrooms with numbers, letters, shapes and animals. This type of décor encourages learning in a visual and tactile way. Furthermore, this will mimic the type of subject matter they are learning at school. In smaller children, placing the window film letters, numbers, animals etc. at a level they can reach will encourage them to trace the letters and numbers as well as pointing out the shapes or animals.

 In older children’s bedrooms or study areas you can use window film to re-create the solar system, the periodic table or common equations such as Pi. This type of décor is educational, but can also look quite exciting as a window treatment and serves as a good reminder during those long study sessions preceding exams.

 The home and the office space can become an inspired environment if you use window film creatively.

 Nowadays it is quite trendy to include motivational messages, inspirational quotes and funny one-liners in your home or office environment. You can find these powerful or happiness-inducing words on wall decals, scatter cushions, fridge magnets and canvas prints. To really make your windows stand-out, you could create these quotes and one-liners in window film and use them to decorate the glass in your home or work space.

 Young children might enjoy the words of Dr Seuss, whereas older children might look to sports heroes for inspiration and the office environment might be filled with one-liners from the likes of Jobs, Branson and Zuckerberg.

 Turning window film into a creative addition in your home or work space looks swanky and also offers many benefits.

 Window film, even when used in a fun way, can attend to your privacy needs, maximise the natural light in the space and ward off irritating glare. It all depends on your specific needs and style. For instance, if you are using the window film as a privacy window treatment then the décor element will be designed in the cut-out portions of the frosted film. Your quote or image will stand out as the transparent part of the design. However, if you are using window film on indoor partitions or glass doors you can make the design the frosted element.

 To see just how creative you can be with window film have a look at our catalogue.

 We have a wide selection of designs and bespoke installations that you can browse through for some inspiration. You can also have a look at our new Glass Art offering where we create exciting whiteboards with glass and window film or artistic pieces which consist of imagery printed onto window film, fastened onto a pane of glass and fixed with steel reinforced bolts to the wall. You can check out Glass Art here.

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