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 Monte Casino was designed around the concept of an ancient Tuscan village straight from Italy. Rich in Italian flair, it was named after Monte Cassino, a rocky outcrop in south east Rome. The casino houses conference facilities, hotels, stores, restaurants, a theatre and a cinema.

How could we take this Italian inspired bombshell and make it better?

With its backdrop of a beautiful cloudy sunset, typical Italian fountains, plants, pigeons and bottles of vino decorating the window sills, as well as clothes on wash lines across the cottages, they have successfully captured the Italian culture. So much so that you’ll forget that you’re actually in Fourways, Johannesburg.

It only seemed natural that we added vinyl decals to this environment as they blend naturally with the aesthetics of Monte Casino. Not only are the creative vinyl decals truly artistic, but they’re also functional and affordable. Creative décor vinyl decals to suit the Italian inspired environment were added to parts of Monte, such as in the casino itself, private rooms and vinyl decals for decor purposes.

Why stop there?

Other parts of the casino that could benefit from integrating vinyl decals are the head offices, ATM glass dividers and the hotel windows. With a busy night past you, hotel guests wish to wind down and relax. Perhaps they do not wish to know what’s going on outside around the pool area, they certainly wouldn’t want to be disturbed every time someone is taking their luggage from the car.

Each hotel has its own distinctive character from the Palazzo Hotel, Sunsquare to the Southern Sun, according to Monte’s website, “You can choose opulence, contemporary, eclectic, business friendly or romantic.” But we believe our vinyl decals will look lovely on each one of them.

Privacy fit for VIP

It’s obviously important for spaces such as casinos and private rooms to be separate from the public, but who says adding privacy has to make you feel constricted? Yes you want to feel like a VIP, but you don’t want to be cut off completely from the what’s going on around you. Contrary to popular belief, vinyl decals don’t isolate you. We can design patterns according to your needs, the atmosphere and environment around the window in question.

Vinyl decals gives Monte Casino that much needed carpet protection

Casinos have a stigma of being too dark, but you need to be able to concentrate on what you’re doing. Vinyl decals softens harsh sunlight by diffusing the glare, allowing just the right amount of light to enter the room and filters 95% of UV rays, meaning Monte Casino’s precious carpets are safe from the sun’s harmful rays should they manage to creep their way in.

Searching for greener pastures

Everyone looks to big corporations to set the right example, the world watches you as the need to become eco-friendly is a significant factor in today’s world, especially for huge buildings that use up a lot of energy, this being true for Monte Casino. They went in the right direction by coming to us. Our vinyl decals are environmentally friendly safe and secure. If you want your home to look just like a village cottage in Italy, then contact us today.

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