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 Nando’s is not your typical restaurant, they have a kick-ass social media presence and they love to make us laugh. They also sell home merchandise such as a signature Nando’s apron, duffle bag and beach towel on the ‘Loja’ tab on their website. You might also be interested to know that they are hosting the art event of the year and I haven’t even gotten to their food yet, which speaks for itself – no praise needed.

It’s no surprise then that one of the most loved restaurants in Mzansi would come to us to spice up their décor. Just as Nando’s have personally signed the Escudo promising their customers excellent quality and flavour, we can say with confidence that our vinyl decals add ‘passion to the meal’ and makes you feel welcome, and at home in their restaurant.

A legend is born

Nando’s tale is one of legendary proportions, it all started hundreds of years ago when the first Portuguese explorers set sail to the East on a mission to find spices with god-like qualities, that would not only settle in your mouth, but have a party. Lured by our beautiful continent, explorers found the African Bird’s Eye Chili, better known today as PERi-PERi. It was used as an important ingredient to create culinary genius – in a sauce.

Fast-forward to 1987. After perfecting his hot sauce, Fernando Duar used it to marinate a chicken and invited his friend, Robbie Brozin to a Portuguese eatery in Rosettenville so that he could check whether he was on the right track or not. His friend’s very words after eating that fateful chicken were, “I knew nothing about the food business, I just knew that it was the best chicken I had ever tasted.” we won’t judge you if your saliva is on the verge of rolling down your chin at this point.

And the good news keeps coming

So, Nandos’ food is delicious, did I mention that their interior design is also off the chain? The inside of a Nando’s restaurant with their rustic approach to interior design, has always had patrons looking at their elegant touches. Each corner features something else to get excited about, from brick walls, to handmade baskets to the odd PERi-PERi hanging here and there. Now they’re taking it a step further. The next time you step into a restaurant you will do so with the knowledge that you might just be setting your tush on a designer chair.

Nando’s has made it their mission to feature local design, furniture and products all over the globe. Adding to that, they also encourage young designers to enter their Hot Young Designer competition. Last year they asked the public to design a pendant light that would be in line with Nando’s unique interior flair and hang with South African pride in their restaurants.

Tracy Lynch, one of the speakers at the competition hosted at Cape Town’s CCDI Gallery said, “Light is a huge feature in our Nando’s restaurants and has become a structural element, which is extremely important to the spaces.” We understand fairly well why light is important not only within a restaurant’s aesthetics, but at home as well.

Light as an important factor

We were tasked with not only adding to the rustic-appeal of Nando’s interior design and adding the correct look and feel, but also with ensuring that their natural light was not compromised. Contrary to misconceptions about our product, our vinyl decals do not hinder natural light, but only hinders the power of harmful ultraviolet sun rays (Nandos love to be hot, but not sun roasted).

What can our vinyl decals do for you?

Our vinyl decals are an excellent consideration to sandblasting alternatives. Yes, sandblasted glass is beautiful, but the first thing you see when you think about the word are church windows ‒ not very appealing for businesses or home interior design.

If you are still looking around for sandblasting alternatives, allow us to ease your search. Download our beautiful catalogue to get lost in our awe-inspiring designs, patterns and artistic genius.

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