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At Window Art we enjoy a good checklist. From bucket lists to work tasks or even shopping lists, nothing is more satisfying than ticking off those boxes once you’re done with every item.  So, combining two of the things we love most in the world for your benefit, we’ve come up with a checklist  to determine the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the place you call home when you add a little window film to your windows.

✔ A timeless alternative to curtains

No more worrying about changing or opening and closing your curtains again because vinyl decals require zero maintenance.

✔ Do vinyl decals block out unwanted attention, without blocking out natural light?

We all have that one odd room that gets more eyes on it than a billboard, eventually causing you to avoid opening your curtains altogether. Vinyl decals eliminate the need to duck and dive every time you see an unfamiliar set of eyes lurking nearby, while at the same time not sacrificing that precious natural sunlight that the abandoned room has so desperately been craving.

Vinyl decals are perfect for you if you are looking for something unique

We can offer you that expensive frosted glass look at a fraction of the cost and meet your specific design needs at the same time. If you fancy patterns, florals, nature scenes or custom designs we’re eager to show you a whole new world of possibilities.

✔ Gives you that peace of mind

Placing our film on your windows will instantly strengthen them because it’s shatterproof. The baddies will have a tough time trying to sneak into your home so long as you have that added protection Window Art provides.

✔ Provides an extra layer of protection against extreme weather conditions

With the cold rolling in, you can put your mind at ease and put the heaters away. Our vinyl decals are perfect insulators for cold conditions. And if you’re worried you might roast in summer – don’t! Our window film makes rooms cooler in summer too.

✔  Cost-effective alternatives to sandblasting

Our window film effortlessly hides flaws in your window’s glass, but does not permanently alter your windows, which is what sandblasting does. Besides the fact that sandblasting will distort sunlight you’re stuck with it forever as the process requires a layer of the glass to be chipped away and ultimately weakens the glass and traps dirt. And what’s the point of having a pretty window that offers little protection and collects dirt? No need to look any further for alternatives to sandblasting we have the solution right here.

Have we ticked all the right boxes for you? We sure hope so, read on to find out how the installation process is carried out and download our window covering guide to help plan your installation to perfection.

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