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Christmas in July is a celebration of everyone’s favourite holiday season but in the month of July. In the Southern Hemisphere we want to celebrate Christmas in the cold and experience the cosiness of the fireplace, the warmth of the gluhwein and the smell of a roast while we celebrate with gift-giving and surround ourselves with loved ones. In the Northern Hemisphere they are after a typical South African Christmas, which is filled with summer activities and braais or (as the Northerners would say) barbeques.

Many restaurants in South Africa have Christmas in July specials where they offer a set menu of sumptuous roasts and warm puddings, some retailers even offer Christmas in July sales. Typically, those who enjoy hosting dinner parties and social gatherings at their homes will set about creating a Christmas party in the month of July.

We think Christmas in July is an excellent excuse to have your family and friends over for a warm and cosy soiree.

Hosting a Christmas in July party can be something really spectacular and unforgettable. While we won’t find snow in our gardens during our winter months we can still emulate Santa’s North Pole by frosting the tree and table decorations. Snowflake confetti and Santa hats for everyone will go a long way to make your guests feel like they are enjoying a cold Northern Hemisphere-type Christmas celebration. In fact, if you are able to plan your party for a really wintry and rainy evening then all the more better.

Because Christmas in July (in the Southern Hemisphere) is about embracing the cold winter weather you’ll be able to really set the scene if you uncover your windows and glass doors.

Curtains and blinds are out-dated window treatments and nowadays many homeowners are opting to make use of their windows for natural lighting and insulation by treating them with window decals. If you are planning a Christmas in July party and make use of window decals, consider switching them up for the winter season and to inspire a feeling of Christmas spirit. If you don’t make use of window decals then please have a look at how they can be used in your home and consider their many benefits, which you can read about here.

Using window decals that mimic snowflakes, pinecones or even reindeer antlers will make your home look truly festive but in an understated way.

You are able to customise the design you would like and allow for as much subtlety as possible, or not. Because window decals can be customised to suit your unique needs and style you can also decide on the amount of privacy you would like, which will dictate the amount of frosting needed. Furthermore, window decals are as easily removed and replaced as they are installed which means that replacing your frosted pine cones with a festive floral design come summertime, won’t be difficult at all.

If you would like to consider window decals as a treatment for the glass in your home then please consider our Window Frosting Inspiration Guide or give our price calculator a go.

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