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Can you imagine your life without having a cup of coffee in the morning, or anytime of the day really? We’d have nothing to keep us warm during winter and nothing to help us meet our deadlines. Coffee is undoubtedly your most important morning accessory. But with so many cafés to choose from, it can be tough to decide. Your ideal customer needs to be able to spot you a mile away, even in a crowded street where everyone is competing for their attention.

Coffee lovers crave more than just a cuppa coffee

Designing a coffee shop isn’t about filling the space with fancy décor. It’s about creating an experience that makes people feel good, because that’s what customers want most besides the actual coffee. That’s what makes Starbucks so successful. According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America, “A successful coffee shop integrates everything the brand represents into a three-dimensional space – not just a cool interior, but great customer service, a great product, smart and efficient operations and a powerful identity brought to life through branding and innovative graphics.”

How we brewed up something special for our client

Our client wanted to undertake a complete redesign of their coffee shop and knew exactly the design elements they wanted to incorporate. They wanted to attract more customers and they wanted to improve the atmosphere of their coffee shop. With the new décor elements on the wall incorporating an industrial design that branded their company name in brass copper pipes, it was time to move onto their windows.

Since the inside of the coffee shop is neat and uncluttered we wanted to match the look on their windows. We simply decorated the front window with their brand name and trading hours and added a single strip of window film on the remaining window doors. We also installed window film on their huge mirror in the corridor leading to the bathrooms. For the mirror we installed creative window film that showed off the coffee shop’s creative side, with coffee beans and a quirky quote.

Why is the interior design of a coffee shop so important?

The interior design of a coffee shop plays an important role in attracting customers. Coffee drinkers want to be able to sit down and have a cup of coffee, but also be able to admire the décor while they have an enjoyable conversation. The design of a coffee shop must be sophisticated, one that shows off the best design, while still allowing enough space for baristas and bartenders to get around easily. According to Design Your Way, “a unique interior design will differentiate you from the ordinary restaurants or coffee shops on the market and print the brand in the customers’ minds.”

Rediscover your brand

It doesn’t matter how good the inside of your coffee shop looks, if passersby don’t notice it, they won’t come in. Adding window film is like ribbon tied onto a present, it just won’t look the same without it. Try our window decals for yourself. We make it our mission to transform your window design into something that is aesthetically pleasing. Whether you want to display your logo, a company motto or an intricate design, we can do it for you. Download our window decals brochure for more information.

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