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Contemporary interior design embraces the use of architectural and ornamental glass in many aspects. Doors are no exception. If you are looking to update your home or office décor, consider incorporating glass doors.

Contemporary interior design pays homage to simplicity, open space and the preservation of a natural flow of energy throughout the home.

Glass is a brilliant material for contemporary interior design as its transparency creates the illusion of a bigger space. Glass doors in particular preserve the idea of an open connection and fluidity between rooms and between indoors and outdoors. Glass doors also preserve the flow of natural light throughout the home, keeping your home pleasantly well-lit and bright.

Avoid the potential downfalls of glass doors by installing frosted window vinyl.

Many people worry about accidentally walking or running into glass doors. This can be easily avoided by the application of frosted window vinyl decals. If no privacy is needed, a small, elegant motif frosted onto glass doors not only looks fabulous but also prevents people from accidentally walking into them.

The understated elegance of the frosted glass look complements contemporary interior design trends beautifully, allowing for a lot of play and experimentation with prints, patterns, motifs and texture.

Frosted vinyl decals can provide a higher level of privacy while accentuating the elegance of glass doors.

Because frosted window vinyl doesn’t block the transfer of natural light, applying frosted window vinyl to glass doors means that you can still get the fluid effect of a natural flow of light though your home.

Frameless glass doors sporting frosted detail are ultrachic.

The chic, minimalist style of frameless glass doors is making a strong appearance in contemporary interior design styles. The focus here is on simplicity with a splash of character.

Frosted vinyl decals are a great way to draw the eye to frameless glass doors, whether with delicate, symmetrical lines or more solid, retro-inspired block designs.

Glass doors in the office and workplace are equally popular.

Preserving a feeling of openness and collaboration is important in contemporary interior design for the workplace. As explained above, glass doors, as well as glass walls, are great options for achieving this feeling of openness.

Of course, meeting rooms and offices do require a level of privacy, so frosted window vinyl installations are particularly useful in office interior design. An added benefit of using frosted window vinyl in the workplace is the ability to incorporate company branding, logos and slogans into the design.

When it comes to the use of glass doors in contemporary interior design, there is endless inspiration.

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