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The corporate culture of a start-up versus that of a corporate entity is very different. Many people will choose to work for a start-up based on the type of corporate culture that this type of business will follow. Going to work in jeans and sneakers or shorts and slops are attractive leniencies in a start-up environment that would never be allowed in a corporate space. Once a start-up has a designated office space, corporate branding of the space is most likely to commence. There are a few things to bear in mind when choosing the décor.

If you are a start-up company looking to include corporate branding in your space, consider the following:

    1. Consider your options for renovating or decorating your office space.

For example, rented office space cannot be modified in the same way as an owned space. It is most often the case that the work space is a rented office, so removable or semi-permanent corporate branding options should be investigated. Using vinyl decals (tinted or frosted) on all the glass, including lamps for lighting as opposed to changing the lighting installations in the ceiling and room dividers for privacy are all examples of semi-permanent solutions.

    1. Don’t spend money unnecessarily on trying to create a dream office as a start-up.

Cut costs where possible so that your cash flow isn’t unnecessarily depleted in an effort to make the space look ‘cool’. Google is known for it’s awesome office space but you don’t have to be like Google immediately. In fact, spending incredible amounts of money when you are starting out, on décor that simply makes a statement and underpins your corporate branding is unnecessary. Stick to basic and comfortable furniture but play with your walls and windows. Creating a chalkboard wall with chalkboard paint is a really simple way of giving your staff a creative outlet for collaboration and brainstorming. Also using frosted vinyl that has been custom designed with your logo or company’s message on your windows will attend to your privacy needs and cut down on your electricity usage, as your office will be lit with natural light.

    1. Motivate your staff with more than just a reminder of your company name.

Your logo is not the only thing that will brand your work space. During the incubation period of your start-up, you could look to phrases, quotes or even formulas that speak to what you are aiming for as a company. These phrases and the like can be easily stuck around the office to underpin your company’s ethos and motivate your staff.

    1. Choose corporate branding décor that can be updated as you grow and change.

Many start-ups begin with one look and feel for their company but change it as they grow. With success often comes the opportunity to rebrand in a way that showcases your growing capabilities and the last thing you want is an office environment that is stuck in your beginning phase when you have grown and developed. This could prove demotivating to your staff too. Choose corporate branding that can be changed easily if necessary. We at Window Art are expert in the game of easily removable window vinyl. If you would like to look into frosting your windows or glass room dividers with custom designed vinyl decals that brand your workspace, then please do not hesitate to contact us to assess your needs. We can create the vinyl decal of your choice that can last a lifetime or be replaced with an updated creation if you rebrand.

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