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Traditionally corporate branding has become focused on communicating a message at its target audience. In 2015, companies are changing their attitude and making an effort to really engage in a conversation with their consumers. Brands are becoming more humanised and learning to connect in truly authentic ways. The over-riding corporate branding trend of 2015 sees brands making their delivery more intimate and personalised. Brands now understand that their consumer wishes to not only buy a product but to buy into a concept.

Here are five corporate branding trends for 2015:

 1.      Brands are conversing and engaging with their customers through tangible experiences.

Customers should begin to feel like they are having a face-to-face conversation with the brand. The conversation is most often simple and feels unique and a tangible experience with the company and product is paramount. For instance, in 2014 in Russia, Ikea  created a massive billboard that they turned into a climbing wall – customers could physically climb up and engage with the furniture that had been secured there.

 2.      Corporate branding in 2015 is about even greater transparency than before.

Brands who engage with their consumers on a human level are allowing their flaws to be seen. In other words, they are being more transparent than ever before. Previously, transparency meant showcasing the company’s operations and their plans going forward. Nowadays, companies are allowing the consumer to know about the flaws that have brought about change or new initiatives. An example of this is how (the world over), the average consumer is now a green consumer – companies who are making an effort to go green are being transparent not only how they are going to go green, but about what has brought them to this point. Showcasing what they have been doing wrong exposes all their flaws but also humanises the brand.

 3.      Corporate branding is no longer only focused on the money but also on securing brand ambassadors.

Brands that are focused on having a unique and intimate relationship with their consumers are actively looking for brand ambassadors. This type of corporate branding means that companies are prepared to lean on their employees and consumers to deliver and market their brands. In this way the growth and expansion of the brand is directed by not only the company, but its employees and customers alike.

 4.      New age corporate branding activities have re-introduced fun to their consumers.

Brands are setting about creating strong personalities with which to engage their consumer. These personalities are driven through innovative ways of managing their customer service and this may be through the use of an intuitive website, a fun and innovative app or even an incentive that offers the customer an out-of-the-box value-add to their experience. Ultimately, brands want their consumers to enjoy and even look forward to engaging with them.

5.      Many companies are making their office space speak their message for them.

Most companies have made an effort to create a brand through having a nifty logo, smart slogan and a clever name. The identity that the company creates should drive business and one way of cementing this identity is through branding the office space of the company. Window Art has assisted a number of companies with their office branding – frosted vinyl on glass creates an environment that is sophisticated and attractive. Furthermore, frosted vinyl can be custom-made into any logo, slogan or name and can be used for internal marketing campaigns too. Your windows, glass walls and mirrors treated with frosted vinyl become an excellent branding opportunity.

To find out more about ways in which to brand your office space please browse through our Office Design and Corporate Branding Guide.

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