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Frosted glass is one of those timeless décor elements that add a level of prestige and sophistication to any room or location. Any piece of glass in your office or business, whether it’s a door, window, mirror, partition or wall, can be branded. This branding looks both attractive and acts as a piece of advertising. Our window vinyl stays in place as long as you need it, but can be removed at a later date without any damage to the glass below.

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Glass has become a popular structural building material in new and modern office spaces, giving the workspace an open-plan look and feel. The glass in the office space can easily be treated with window vinyl and attractive corporate branding across the glass in the office space will not only communicate your brand to visiting clients but also motivate and inspire your staff.

Some Great Examples

Gym With a View

Using frosted vinyl on the glass in your office environment,
opens you to many opportunities for design and creating a
specific aesthetic. Branding your glass is an excellent way
to advertise – you might consider it a sophisticated way
of speaking your company’s brand and culture to your
clients and employees alike. This gym has made use of
frosted vinyl to not only advertise the company but also to
leave the glass exposed, treating their patrons to a great
view while working out.


Modernised Office with Frosted Vinyl Branding

No matter your business you can use frosted vinyl on the
glass in your establishment. Frosted vinyl is heat and
moisture-proof so it is often used in kitchens, bathrooms
and smoking areas. Frosted vinyl gives you’re the look and
feel of elegant sandblasted glass but without the hassle,
cost or permanence. This image shows an installation we
completed for the national offices of the Minister of
Transport. The malleability of the frosted vinyl meant that
we could easily create the logo of the ministry accurately
and on brief.


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