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The open plan living trend has been around for a while and seems to be one that will stick around for quite some time. There is an air of luxury and modernism that accompanies this home design style. It also allows home makers to truly bring out their creative side to incorporate a flow throughout the open spaces and link it together with décor.

One of the most popular ways to create this luxe living space is the use of lots of glass throughout the home. Not only does this illuminate the space, but removes any further barriers between living areas.

Creatively decorate the glass in your home for a luxe look and feel

The glass in your home should be seen as a canvas of sorts to show off your creativity and style in an open living space. Another décor trend that can help you achieve this is vinyl art. Decorate your floor-to-ceiling windows with chic vinyl art designs that are in keeping with the theme of your interior décor style.

With vinyl art, you can get rid of outdated blinds and curtains and let through natural light to compliment your open plan luxe home without compromising on privacy. The treatment allows for 93% of light to stream in through your glass while the patterns remain opaque even when wet or when the interior lights are switched on the evenings.

Vinyl art can be custom-designed to suit your décor needs

While the use of lots of glass facilitates the open plan feel in your home, there’s no need to not incorporate them as part of your design and décor theme. There are many vinyl art designs available for you to indulge in which means you can find that perfect match to compliment your open plan home.

Because vinyl art is such a versatile treatment, your designs can be customised to your heart’s content. Take your favourite pattern and instead of decorating your walls, use your glass to display your unique style.

A frosted glass look can be achieved without weakening the glass in your home

Sandblasting has been around for ages and for has long been one of the preferred and most popular glass treatments around. But with the introduction of a safer, easier and more versatile treatment like vinyl, there’s no reason to stick to go through the invasive sandblasting process. You can achieve the same frosted look on the glass in your home without damaging your windows. Sandblasting is done off-site, weakens glass (removes up to 2mm) and requires that the panes be removed – leaving your home at risk and compromising your glass. In contrast, window decals can be applied in a just few hours in your home and actually strengthens the glass by making it shatterproof.

Whether you’re looking forfrosted glass vinyl film or custom designed window decals to compliment the glass in your open plan living space, Window Art can see to your every need. Have a browse through our Frosting Inspirations catalogue here for some design ideas.

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