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Windows are a functional and necessary part of your home. They provide you with a view of the outside world, allow natural light to stream in and are often a decorative feature in any room. Without windows you may as well be living in a cardboard box – that would cost you an arm and a leg in electricity bills.

Windows have also become a popular element of décor in many properties.

As far as interior décor and design goes, windows have become a focal point. Because of this many homeowners adorn their windows with fancy drapes or chic blinds but the smartest homeowners look to vinyl art.

Frosted vinyl art can really transform a piece of glass into a gorgeous masterpiece.

Vinyl art is such a malleable product it can be created to suit your particular needs or style. It will emulate decorative sandblasting but doesn’t have the same drawbacks as that particular window treatment (you can read more about decorative sandblasting here). Window Art offers a comprehensive collection of popular and varied vinyl art designs to choose from, which you can view here. But our graphic designers will happily work together with you to create a bespoke design that results in a completely unique result.

Vinyl art turns any piece of glass in your home into a contemporary natural light solution.

Unlike blinds or curtains, vinyl art leaves your windows and glass doors exposed. Blinds and curtains cover the windows and offer protection, but they allow for minimal natural lighting to enter the interior space. Furthermore, blinds and curtains are fairly costly, difficult to keep clean and tend to become tatty after a couple of years requiring you to replace them if you hope to keep your home looking fresh and swanky.

Windows covered with vinyl art can offer just as much security and privacy from prying eyes as curtains or blinds. It can be created to include as much or as little frosted areas as you require and the areas that are frosted are completely opaque. Also, they will remain opaque even when the lights are switched on at night and you can’t even see the outline of a person or your furniture.  But the best benefit of using vinyl art as a window treatment is that it maximises the natural light in your home during daylight hours. Up to 93% natural light is allowed to stream in and illuminate your home which saves on your electricity bill and supports a feeling of wellbeing in your home.

Vinyl art is more beneficial than a simple beautiful window decoration.

By using vinyl art on your windows you will not only introduce more natural light into your home but also reduce harmful UV rays from streaming in. Harmful rays from the sun damages your furniture and carpets and is not good for your family either. It will also reduce the sun’s irritating glare that can make working on a computer or watching TV quite painful, even reading a book in the sun’s glare is annoying. Vinyl art is a truly positive addition to your home.

To find out more about how to include vinyl art in your home please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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