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Sustainable living is focused on successfully functioning in society without harming the environment or detrimentally affecting any life on the planet. Sustainable living pertains to both private homes as well as professional environments.

The connection between architecture and sustainable living is only growing stronger.

Architecture and design trends that subscribe to the idea of sustainable living must take into account the health and wellbeing of people who reside or work inside modern buildings. ‘Green’ architects and builders strive to create eco-friendly structures that are also pleasant to work and live in.

Sustainable living can be achieved through implementing green building measures that include water conservation techniques, energy saving techniques, waste management plans and the like. Architects and builders also need to create environments in which people can thrive.

A truly sustainable living space is one in which people can prosper without any hindrances.

Architects looking to create a sustainable living space must incorporate elements of nature such as plants and natural lighting. Allowing for natural elements inside the space is stimulating and inspires productivity. The architecture and design should draw on motivational elements that express the aspirations of the space and what it serves.

Essentially, creating a sustainable living space means creating an environmentally-responsible abode that not only has a low environmental impact but also encourages interaction, productivity and positivity.

Window Art prides itself in having an eco-friendly product that encourages a sustainable living practice in both your home and your professional space.

Our frosted vinyl decals allow for the maximising of natural light whilst still retaining privacy. They save energy by keeping out the heat of summer and retaining warmth in the winter months. The frosted window vinyl also diffuses the annoying glare from the sun without diminishing the light streaming into the space and filters out 95% of UV rays, protecting your family and your furniture.

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