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Sandblasted glass or frosted window vinyl can give your home or office a chic, classic look. This look of understated elegance has always attracted people to both styles of window treatment. However, this doesn’t mean that sandblasted glass and frosted window vinyl are only suited to understated, simple tastes and styles. The beauty of both sandblasting and frosted window vinyl is that you can be as funky and creative as you like; after all, your home’s interior design should reflect your own unique personality.

Here are some of our favourite creative sandblasted glass ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Personalise your home and office with words and images you love.

If you love the sea, use ocean-themed sandblasted glass designs to give your home a maritime touch. It could be anything from a tropical beach scene with palm trees and umbrellas to an underwater wonderland complete with Neptune and his mermaids. Of course, it needn’t be ocean-themed; sandblasted glass is a beautiful way to depict trees, flowers, savannah scenes and even the big five. Let your passion and interests inspire your glass décor.

Outside of the home, embrace creativity in the workplace by incorporating inspirational words or quotes into frosted window vinyl decals. This would be especially fun in fitness studios. Put motivational quotes like “Pain is weakness leaving the body” or “Life has no remote, get up and change it yourself” on the mirrors in the weights or cardio sections. Because frosted wording is more subtle than solid wording would be, clients will still be able to see themselves in the mirror without a problem.

In a vibey coffee shop, on the other hand, you could emblazon humorous quotes like “Calories: tiny little creatures who sneak in at night to sew your clothes tighter” above the cakes and sweet treats.

Using frosted window vinyl instead of permanent sandblasted glass could be a better option due to the fact that you can remove or change the decals and wording if you rearrange the space, decide to rebrand or are renting your office space.

Get cheeky.

Let your playful personality shine through with cheeky sandblasted glass designs in your home. For instance, sandblasting is often used on bathroom windows for privacy. Give your neighbours a taste of what they’re missing by incorporating the outline of a gorgeously svelte, naked figure stepping into a steaming bath in your bathroom window design. No one said that home décor has to be serious, after all!

Sandblasted glass can become transparent when wet. Frosted window vinyl remains opaque even when wet or steamy, so it could be a better choice for bathrooms and other wet areas where you need to ensure privacy.

Bring children’s rooms alive with their favourite cartoon characters.

Children’s imaginations know no bounds. When it comes to decorating your living space, neither should yours.

Let your playful side come out by installing motifs of Disney or Marvel characters on nursery or playroom windows. You can really have some fun with this; for instance, sandblast an image of Spiderman climbing up your son’s bedroom window as though his hands are sticking to the glass. Or simply give your daughter’s room a ‘girly’ feel by sandblasting butterflies onto her glass doors.

Frosted window film is a great alternative to sandblasted glass. Because you can either choose from our gallery of existing designs or decide to work with one of our designers to create your own unique motif, window vinyl allows you to get creative. Although our window film is extremely durable and comes with a 10 year guarantee, it is removable – unlike sandblasted glass.

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