Custom Vinyl Frosted Glass Designs

Window Art’s expert design service means that you can have any etched motif that you can think of, with the look of frosted glass. Whether it’s your family crest on a door, your logo on a meeting room wall, a world map in your study or the Cape Town skyline on a shower enclosure, we can make it happen. The possibilities are endless and make the world of curtains and blinds feel very last century!

Here’s why a custom frosted glass design will be a great feature in your office or home:

  • Frosted glass is easy to apply or remove so you can play around with different designs every few years.
  • No hassle from broken or defective blinds and no fading of curtains or furniture.
  • Get a sleek, contemporary, unfussy look with a frosted glass design.
  • Vinyl frosting is heat and moisture-proof so no need for blinds in kitchens and bathrooms. You can also transform a shower screen.
  • Vinyl frosting protects your furniture by filtering 95% of harmful UV rays, while letting natural light through.
  • Our frosting – applied to the inside of doors and windows – will last a lifetime and carries a 10-year guarantee.
  • Unlike sandblasting, vinyl frosting doesn’t damage glass.
  • Get creative – turn any window, mirror or door into a talking point and brighten up a dull corner.
  • Easy to clean, just like a window – better than curtains and blinds that tend to trap dust.

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