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Debunking sustainable living myths

We have decided to debunk some typical sustainable living myths. We set the record straight on these four misconceptions:

Myth 1: Sustainable living is an expensive practice.

Going green in your home does require some capital outlay initially, but these investments typically pay for themselves within about two years by continuously saving energy, water and making the home more efficient.

Myth 2: To create a sustainable home, you need to renovate your current home or rebuild from scratch.

To create a sustainable living space in your home, you need to include eco-savvy efficiencies. These could be anything from energy-efficient appliances to solar panels or geyser blankets. See our recent blog about our top ten energy-saving products for your home. You can create an energy-efficient home quite easily with the help of these products.

Myth 3: A smart home, a green home – it’s all the same.

Smart homes are very much on the rise and yet they are not the same as green homes. A smart home will be energy efficient and ensure healthy indoor air quality, but a green home takes a look at all things sustainable. A green home will be energy efficient and save water, have a recycling operation and focus on using all environmentally friendly products, consumables included.

Myth 4: Green homes are ugly.

In the past this was thought to be the case, with many people questioning how it is possible to have a tech-savvy, modern and sophisticated home if they were to subscribe to sustainable living. Nowadays, all things green look very similar to their non-green counterparts. A+ energy-efficient appliances look no different to the same appliances that are not energy efficient. Likewise, low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paint looks no different on your walls than high-VOC paint. In fact, some might argue that a green home is inherently more attractive than a ‘normal’ home as the builders and architects have spent hours trying to find the most efficient operating manner of the home. Often, this results in a home with more flow of design.

Not yet convinced? Have a look at our free downloadable Guide to Green Building your Home. In this guide we unpack the many different ways you can create a sustainable living space without breaking the bank or rebuilding your home from scratch. Window Art is committed to the idea of sustainable living, as our product creates energy-saving glass in the home. By using frosted window vinyl, your windows and glass doors maximise the natural lighting in your home. This lessens the need for you to switch the lights on while the sun is still up. Furthermore, it insulates the interior of the home, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer. This means you no longer need to worry about energy-consuming temperature control devices. Frosted window vinyl also diffuses the irritating glare the sun creates and protects against harmful UV rays.

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