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When you think about the effort of walking endlessly through shopping centres, in search of that centre piece that will make your home look like a palace, it’s not an endeavour for the faint of heart. But someone has to do it and why not let that person be you? After all, it’s you who has to live with purchases you make, so you should definitely get creative in the matter. Here we’ll show you a few decorating tips to make your home look like it had a visit from an interior designer.

Brush up on your interior design

Anyone can learn the tricks of the trade by broadening their horizons. The world is chock-a-block full of decorating tips waiting to be utilised. Stock up on décor magazines, walk about a décor shop, read great blogs on the latest trends or browse Pinterest to see what others are up to. Drawing inspiration from more than one place, helps you to display a unique character in your home. And, given that we are living in the digital age you can also consider attending a short interior design course online.

A great interior designer keeps your lifestyle in mind, you can easily do the same

When heading out to buy new things, think about accessories that will last you a lifetime. You know your environment better than anyone, therefore you are in the best position to ensure you don’t fill your home with unnecessary items.One of the trends taking centre stage within the industry this season is the minimalist look, markets that rooms should be kept clutter-free. Ask yourself when you want to buy an ornament, can I afford to add this to my environment? Always try to picture your home and then place the item within the environment in your head – does it fit in? Does it look nice? Will it be too big or will it enhance the area?

Also think about things that have overstayed their welcome and deserve to be given the boot. An old plastic plant piece that has been covered in dust for years could be doing a lot of damage to your interior design – get rid of it! An unwanted item can be donated to a charity, knowing that it will go to a new home will make you feel better too. If you have small children, or pets, consider getting a darker couch that no one will notice if it accidentally gets dirty.

Even more Interior decorating tips and hacks

1. Refresh your rooms with a touch of paint. This will instantly give your entire house a lift. A lot of people don’t consider painting their front doors, this simple hack will not only make your front door look brand new, given the right shade of colour, it could brighten up your entryway.

2. As Douglas Wilson says, “Use plants to bring life.” Bring the outside in by placing indoor-friendly plants on coffee tables, side tables, in the bathroom or kitchen.

3. If you are expecting guests, organise a flower arrangement to be placed on a tabletop ensuring it’ll be the first thing they see when walking into your home. To help you out with this, Pinterest has dedicated boards that will show you how to create a masterful flower arrangement that will make it seem like you spent hours on it.

4. Add beautiful things to your walls like clocks, mirrors or works of art. Replace something else that’s occupying precious wall space if you have to.

5. Change your lighting fixtures, (perhaps it’s time for a chandelier or pendant instead).

6. Layer accents: pillows, throws, runners, carpets. Lay it on thick, but keep the colour scheme in line with the feel of the room.

7. Nothing says sophisticated better than a touch of gold. Since its trending right now to add metallic accents in your home, rest assured, you’ll easily find pieces to suit your needs in the shops. Want more decorating tips? Then read on sister or mister!

If you want your home to look more stylish and sophisticated we recommend using vinyl art to dress your windows, entryways, bathrooms or kitchen cabinets.

Take a look at how we can up the wow factor in your home today and contact us should you need more inspired vinyl art guidance.

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