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Stained glass patterns are most often associated with beautiful churches, cathedrals and Tiffany lamps. However, stained glass patterns are also sometimes used to decorate windows in the home.

When it comes to stained glass patterns, less is more.

Because they typically incorporate a kaleidoscopic range of colours, stained glass patterns are incredibly striking. As such, they can work beautifully when used as well-placed accent pieces. However, too much stained glass can look gaudy, so be careful not to overdo it.

Besides resulting in a garish appearance, using too much stained glass can also darken your home’s interior. This is because less light is able to pass through coloured glass. Another major drawback of stained glass patterns is that they tend to look very old-fashioned. Because of this, it’s difficult to smoothly incorporate them into most modern décor styles.

Imitation stained glass patterns are more affordable than the real thing.

If you’re keen on stained glass but simply can’t afford the real thing, dress your windows with imitation stained glass patterns instead.

This DIY blog post provides a step-by-step explanation of how to create your own imitation stained glass patterns using only acrylic paint and glue.

If you’re not the crafty type, however, you can simply purchase imitation stained glass stickers at a local home décor or craft store. If you like the look of stained glass patterns, imitation stained glass stickers are really the best way to go as they’re inexpensive, easy to apply and can be removed should you change your mind. Good quality imitation stained glass window film won’t damage your glass and should last a good few years.

Suncatchers make for fun, inexpensive window décor.

Suncatchers refer to just about any decorative window hanging that includes colourful glass beads or reflective pieces. The idea of suncatchers is that they dangle in windows and sparkle in the sunlight. Apart from glass beads and reflective bits, suncatchers can include bells, feathers, chimes or any other trinkets you desire.

Suncatchers aren’t to everyone’s tastes, however. This is because they can look cheap and tacky. What’s more, while jingling suncatchers are pleasant at first, they can quickly become a bit annoying. For these reasons, suncatchers are most commonly used in children’s bedrooms.

Decorative frosted vinyl decals are creative, elegant and functional.

Decorative vinyl frosting is an excellent alternative to stained glass patterns. Unlike gaudy stained glass, frosted window vinyl is elegant and understated. That said, vinyl decals can take the shape of highly creative, eye-catching designs that give windows a touch of the ‘wow’ factor.

The great thing about frosted vinyl decals is that they are both decorative and functional. For example, vinyl decals provide privacy without blocking out natural light. They also insulate windows and glass doors, making your home more energy-efficient. Vinyl frosting eliminates irritating glare and blocks out harmful UV rays, too. They’re easy to apply, easy to keep clean and won’t damage your glass should you decide to remove them.

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