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Valentine\’s Day is the perfect excuse to stray from the mundane and let the sparks fly using creative bedroom décor ideas. We\’d all love it if John Cusack from the movie “Say Anything” played a song outside our window, holding a massive stereo in his hands. We crave this soppy loving and it\’s why we watch those ridiculously unrealistic romantic comedies, but who says you can\’t have fun this Valentine’s Day? Here are some charming DIY bedroom décor that will surely bring out the Romeo in him.

Create hearts to hang off the side of you windowsill

Expressions of love that leave you saying “awww” don\’t have to be reserved for rom com movies alone. Take the lead, with your bedroom décor – you don\’t have to wait for him. Make your own hanging hearts, It may take you a good thirty minutes, but he will appreciate the effort you\’ve put in. Once done, hang them up by your windowsill and add a personal touch by putting up a vinyl decals love quotes, hearts or a sayings that only you two lovebirds will understand.

What to do with your selfies

Get out your album filled with pictures of you and your significant other and hand-pick your absolute favorites. You\’ll need about forty-four for a big collage and twenty-seven for a smallish one. Then use your images to create a heart picture collage on your wall. When the day is done, you can take them off the wall and tuck your snapshots safely back in your album. Alternatively, if you have a bathroom in your bedroom, instead of using photos, use pink sticky notes full of cute quotes, or personal messages.

Add love to your love nest

Make your own fluffy hearts to put next to your throw pillows on the bed. Bring out your best duvet cover and add rose petals in the shape of hearts to give it that final touch. If you have extra time you could also make your valentine a special hand-made gift. Handwritten letters aren\’t popular these days, but receiving one makes is that much more intimate than the sending a generic Facebook message.

Create \’open when\’ letters so that you can be there for him when you\’re not around, for instance, create an \’\’open when stressed letter”, write something inspirational and add a little strip of bubble wrap to brighten his day. Give him little gifts in each envelope for each reason to open them, making sure you\’re not only thinking of him on Valentine\’s Day. Put your envelopes on the bed in a pretty box and you\’re ready to entertain your Valentine.

Valentine\’s Day was made for the cheesy I love you notes, romantic babblings and confessions of love. “What is it you want, Mary? What do you want? You want the moon? Just say the word and I\’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down,” says George Bailey in “It\’s a Wonderful Life”. Bring the love-at-first-sight awkwardness back into your bedroom decor using these irresistibility cute ideas. Have any more thoughts on how to use vinyl decals this Valentine\’s Day? We\’d love to hear them.

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