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Interior design or décor inspires visions of elegant bedrooms and swanky dining rooms in the mind’s eye. But having your home revamped by an interior designer can be such an expensive exercise that it curbs any homeowner’s enthusiasm. If this sounds all too familiar and you dream of a designer-like interior but the budget simply won’t allow it, consider these DIY interior design ideas. They are affordable and easy to implement whether you are a budding DIYer or not.

Turn bland furniture into feature pieces by getting creative with paint or tape.

By using a non-slip metal ruler and fabric paint or pens you can take plain scatter cushions and turn them into comfy masterpieces. Or, get your hands on some metallic tape and create trims on the likes of your lampshades to add an interesting flair and a touch of bling.

Making the  walls in your home a talking point is an easy DIY interior design idea.

Give your walls a makeover by gluing and nailing some trim board along the wall. You can purchase it already primed and ready to be mounted, so this is a really easy DIY interior design idea that can be completed in one short afternoon. You could even create some depth by adding straight pieces of trim board vertically down the wall creating panels.

Group your items on display and give them a home by using a simple tray.

Declutter your home by placing your small pieces onto trays. Decorative trays are not hard to find nor are they expensive. They are also easy to paint should you want a particular colour scheme and they give everything a place and a home. This adds more structure. Whether you are grouping together small, fine figurines in the lounge or your soap dispensers, tissues and diffuser in the bathroom, a tray keeps everything neatly together and in one place.

Some DIY interior design ideas don’t require much effort: use mirrors to double up your décor.

By using mirrors in your home you double up on the décor. The bigger the mirror the better as then every vase filled with flowers, every pattern or piece of artwork is mirrored decorating through their reflection too. The way to get this right is by choosing the correct artwork that really speaks to your style palette and if you like flowers and plants, have them throughout your home and try and catch the mirror’s ‘eye’ so that they are  reflected.

Use your curtains creatively or don’t use them at all.

Curtains often need to be custom-made to fit a specific space which means that they are costly. All too often the curtains used in one home are not suitable when you attempt to use them in your new home. Often, they don’t fit or your style and taste has changed, which means that you are in for another spending spree having new curtains made. You could, however, double up on curtains by purchasing the unlined variety that is far more affordable and use two sets of curtains to cover one window or door area. This means the area will definitely be entirely covered and even though the curtains are unlined they will protect your privacy and prevent the light from coming in because they are bunched.

Or …

You could look at using window film.

Window film has many different benefits that make it a pleasure to have in your home. You can read more about these benefits here. While window film must be applied by a professional it may as well be a DIY interior design idea as it is extremely affordable and really quickly installed. One short afternoon could see you with windows or glass doors that have transformed into feature pieces in your home, meaning you may never have to fuss with custom-made expensive curtains again.

If you are in the mood to revamp your home and looking for affordable interior design ideas then consider using window film on your glass. The design can be bespoke and truly create a unique aesthetic in your humble abode.

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