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When designing and decorating an office, the most important thing to consider is employee productivity. If a trendy office desk and chair set looks funky but is uncomfortable to sit at, it’s useless. If your employees are forced to sit at uncomfortable desks, they aren’t going to be able to do their best work. Instead, they’re going to be too busy thinking about their aching backs or bruised knees to focus on spreadsheets or figures.

The same principle applies to office blinds. You might think that the kind of office blinds you choose won’t affect your employees’ productivity level. However, the type of window coverings you choose can have a surprisingly big impact on how well your employees are able to work.

This illuminating infographic, entitled ‘The new office perk: Daylight’, is based on a survey carried out by Harris Interactive and SageGlass. The infographic reveals just how important it is to choose the correct window coverings for the workplace.

88% of employees believe that they work better when the temperature is regulated.

It’s not surprising that the overwhelming majority of people feel that they are more productive when they aren’t shivering from cold or sweating it out in a hot, stuffy office. It’s difficult to concentrate when you’re uncomfortable, so keeping the office temperature just right is an important part of keeping employees happy.

Big windows can result in large fluctuations in office temperatures; heating up in the summer months and becoming chilly during winter. Installing office blinds without treating your office windows with window film does little to negate this effect. Applying window film to office windows – either accompanied by office blinds or not – insulates your windows, significantly reducing the speed at which heat is able to move through your glass. This helps regulate the temperature indoors.

77% of office workers believe that their work performance is affected by the amount of natural light in the office.

The importance of natural light in the workplace can’t be stressed enough. Natural light has an uplifting effect that makes employees feel more cheerful and positive. This not only increases morale, it actually feeds into employees’ ability to work well, too.

Harsh, direct sunlight, however, is distracting. It can make the interior too bright and results in irritating glare that makes it difficult to look at your computer screen. Unfortunately, office blinds usually result in a choice between blinding sunlight or semi-darkness, since closing office blinds blocks out all natural light.

Frosted window vinyl diffuses harsh, direct sunlight while still preserving 93% of natural light. This allows employees to work in a glare-free but well-lit environment that won’t cause irritation or eye strain.

77% of employees want to work for a company that uses energy-saving technologies.

This is a very heartening statistic. The fact that the majority of employees would prefer to work for a company that uses energy-saving technology puts pressure on companies to take whatever steps are necessary to make the workplace more eco-friendly. This can include recycling used paper, using energy-saving light bulbs, purchasing energy-efficient office equipment or treating office windows with frosted window film.

As mentioned above, frosted window film insulates windows by slowing the transfer of heat through glass. Insulated windows are energy-saving windows as they allow companies to cut down on heating and air-conditioning costs. In addition, because frosted window vinyl allows 93% of natural light to flow into your office, companies are likewise able to cut down on artificial lighting indoors, thereby saving energy and money.

‘The new office perk: Daylight’ infographic

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