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Decorative sandblasting is the favoured process that will frost the glass in your home.

Frosted glass looks very sophisticated and allows you to maximise the natural lighting in your home.

Many modern homes make use of glass as a popular building material. With homeowners looking to create green homes, glass has become an optimal choice of structural material as it allows for natural lighting to stream through the interior of the house. While glass allows for ample natural lighting, it still needs to be treated so as to ensure privacy. Decorative sandblasting has become an option of window treatment, but it has drawbacks.

The process behind decorative sandblasting has evolved but sandblasting still remains a laborious and messy process.

Sandblasting is labour intensive. It shouldn’t be performed on site as this can prove dangerous and create a lot of mess – even if the service provider offers an on site treatment it would be wise to rather have the glass removed and treated off site. This does, however, leave you with a security risk and makes for a long and uncomfortable installation period.

Finding alternatives to sandblasting will save you on time, money and give you a window treatment that benefits the glass in your home.

The bad news is that there aren’t many alternatives to sandblasting apart from frosted window vinyl but the good news is that frosted window vinyl offers many additional benefits. Decorative sandblasting is a permanent and damaging treatment that removes up to 2mm off the surface of your glass. This means it is a treatment that is limited to only strong and thick panes of glass. For instance, your sliding doors cannot be treated with sandblasting as it’s not strong enough to withstand this treatment.

Here’s why frosted window vinyl is the best alternative to sandblasting:

  • Vinyl will not damage or weaken the glass in any way.
  • Frosted vinyl is easily applied and just as easily removed if necessary or if you would like to update your style.
  • Vinyl frosting can be completed, safely and on-sit in one short afternoon.
  • Frosted vinyl decals are a cost-effective alternative to sandblasting.
  • Decorative sandblasting doesn’t offer an UV protection or insulation benefits, whereas frosted vinyl does.
  • Frosted vinyl has been created to resist all oily and greasy marks and fingerprints.
  • Glass that has been sandblasted becomes transparent when wet, making it unreliable in attending to your privacy needs in areas such as the bathroom.

In our window coverings guide, we take a look at all the different window treatments including decorative sandblasting and frosted vinyl. We have unpacked the pros and cons of each type of window treatment available. If you would like to consider all your options then our Window Coverings Guide gives you a comprehensive look at the various solutions. Alternatively, if you would like to know more about frosted vinyl decals as a window treatment option please don’t hesitate to contact Window Art directly or browse through our Home Solutions page, here.

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