Frosted glass doors can look really smart if treated with a frosted design. In older homes, you can often see frosted designs on glass doors that have been sandblasted. Sandblasting is not an ideal treatment as it damages the glass, thereby weakening it. To replicate decorative sandblasting you can use frosted vinyl decals.

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Open plan living and contemporary interior design call for an abundance of glass features these days. Wide glass doors that open to outside living areas and glass panels are very popular, yet glass always poses a safety risk. Anyone can lose their footing and fall through glass, over-excited pets can hurt themselves and extreme weather can cause glass to shatter. With Window Art’s top quality window vinyl frosting, you not only enjoy a wonderfully creative and private window covering but also the benefits of a shatterproof finish. No more shards of glass splintered across the floor should you accidentally break the glass.

Some Great Examples

Beautiful Glass Doors: Private and Shatterproof

Glass doors have become a popular feature in modern homes
and yet glass poses a safety risk. By using window vinyl on
the glass doors in your home you make the glass shatterproof
and a safer installation as should the glass break the fine
shards will not splinter but remain stuck to the vinyl. This
installation protects the property owners privacy and the
design replicates their outside foliage and garden design.


Frosted Sliding and French Doors

Frosted window vinyl is an excellent choice for the likes of
sliding doors and French doors. Not only do they add an
element of design but they also protect against
opportunistic criminals by keeping your home private. The
glass doors shown above are an entry way from the pool area
into the lounge on a private property. The frosted vinyl
provides this family with ample privacy as even when the
lights are switched on the frosted vinyl remains opaque.


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