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Sustainability week brings together a community of investors, business operators, researchers and NGOs, all under one roof to discuss the sustainability challenges facing Africa. Decision-makers put aside realities of the market world for this event, so that they can focus on re-evaluating the cause and effect of their business context.

Sustainability week focuses on a collaborative effort to advance the green economy in different sectors, markets and disciplines that actively strive to make a difference and balance interests to seek a mutual approach based on each sector.

Highlights of sustainability week

According to their website, the highlights of the week include the annual African Capital Cities Sustainability Forum, where delegates come together to agree on matters of leadership in relation to sustainability. And the 10th annual Green Building Conference, “Energy efficient buildings, sparked by the desire to deliver buildings with low operating costs and greater self reliance is driving Green Building practices in South Africa.”

Unemployment is one of South Africa’s biggest challenges, but how can we turn this around? By finding opportunities during the sustainability week – surely we can mobilise the youth through government projects, the private sector and entrepreneurship to turn them into active agents in the fight against everything that threatens our planet. See what they have planned by attending the Youth and the Green Economy Seminar. This event will take place 31 May – 2 June at the CSIR International Convention Centre.

Change these small habits to help out mother nature

There are a few things in our daily lives that we can change. Small changes in our daily habits may seem insignificant, but the numbers will start to add up. Going green isn’t only good for the environment, it’s good for your pocket too. When at work be sure to set your printer to print on both sides, and to put your computer in ‘sleep’ mode if you’ll be away from it for more than 20 minutes.

While driving – slow down! Going faster uses more petrol. Check your tyre pressure regularly as this can save on your milage. Try to eat less meat or have a meatless dish once a week. Read on for more information on foods to avoid if you want to go green.

If you need a book, magazine or newspapers borrow from others or your local library. In actual fact, most are available in digital form, or you could subscribe to their newsletters. This decreases the need to waste paper, always try to save paper by reusing it. Old documents can easily be turned into note pads. I’ve seen shops that reuse pizza boxes and turn them into earring holders. Used books can be turned into beautiful works of paper art.

We love helping eco-warriors

There’s a way your home or business can become eco-friendly overnight by using vinyl art, that lets in 93% of natural light, whereas blinds only let in 75-80% and filters 95% of harmful Ultraviolet rays from sunlight.

Our vinyl art will significantly reduce the glare in your house or office. Feel free to use our pricing calculator to determine how much your installation could cost and download our green building guide to plan your greener lifestyle with us today.

Image credit: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-person-forest-hiking-7347/

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