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The ordinary, untreated glass used in the windows and doors in your home is wasting a lot of energy. This is because glass is notorious for transferring heat.

South Africa needs to sit up and pay attention to the extensive energy wastage occurring due to the lack of energy-efficient glass.

In South Africa we have not yet paid enough attention to the idea of treating glass in a way that makes it energy efficient. However, new building designs must meet the standard SANS 10400-XA Energy usage in buildings. New types of window treatments – such as those offered by Window Art – not only offer a pleasing aesthetic, but also perform in an energy-efficient way. This assists with meeting the government’s requirements.

Energy-efficient glass will reduce your energy consumption in the home or office.

Energy-efficient glass will insulate your home or office by retaining heat indoors in the winter months, as well as protecting your interior from the blazing summer sun. This type of insulation thwarts the need for temperature control devices, which saves on electricity usage.

Energy-efficient glass may take the form of frosted or tinted glass. Both options allow for the optimisation of natural light in the interior of the home. Allowing for natural light to serve as illumination for your interior will diminish the need for artificial lighting, which once again saves on energy usage.

Furthermore, this type of window treatment comes with added benefits, such as warding off the sun’s harsh glare and protecting both furniture and people from harmful UV rays.

Here are ten more tips for achieving a green home:

  • Include many indoor plants, as they act as air cleaners.
  • Use all leftover water from showers, baths, sinks and washing machines to wash your car or water your garden. If you make use of washing machine water, make sure you are using biodegradable washing powder.
  • Use energy-efficient appliances wherever you can and certainly purchase energy-efficient appliances when you look to replace a broken one.
  • Air-dry your laundry as opposed to tumble drying it whenever possible.
  • Set all the desktop computers and all the laptops in your home on sleep mode rather than allowing for a funky screen saver.
  • Consider installing an instant water heater on your kitchen sink, as this will reduce water wastage while waiting for it to heat up.
  • Choose green cleaning products to use in your home or look into making your own to save on money and protect the surrounding environment.
  • Place a brick in your toilet’s cistern to reduce the water used in each flush.
  • Get rid of the freezer or extra fridge in the garage – running unnecessary appliances uses unnecessary electricity.
  • Close your windows when using any temperature control appliances such as air conditioners, fans and spot heaters.

Creating a green home benefits the environment and your loved ones.

While it does take some effort and investment, creating a greener home will result in a safer home that saves on energy usage and money.

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