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 Solar energy is not a new idea – it’s been successfully applied to many homes and offices in the form of solar panels, which supply them with water heating solutions and generating electricity. Recently, we have seen this type of energy harnessed through advanced technologies like the generation of electricity through solar film on glass.

Solar film is a new development and is capable of generating electricity on glass.

Renewable energy technology company, New Energy Technologies Incorporated, is working tirelessly to create market-ready commercial products and they are on the brink of delivery.

During the past year (2014) New Energy Technologies Inc. have achieved technical milestones that mean they can offer a supreme product to the market place.

Up until now, they have produced see-through organic photovoltaic solar film and the new developments have upped the ante on both power production capabilities and aesthetics.

According to a recent press release the solar film that is in production will offer a host of new advantageous features. These include : greater power production and the generation of electricity while the glass remains transparent. This means that more natural light can penetrate the solar film. In addition, it can generate electricity from artificial light sources should the weather be overcast.

This type of technology is changing the way we consider home or office design.

Renewable energies and green power are playing a large role in the construction of new buildings. While this advanced technology is still in production, alternative solutions must be found.

One of the key considerations of green building is the reduction of electricity usage. Artificial lighting and temperature control appliances use a lot of electricity, which means that the harnessing of natural light and the promotion of effective insulation are priorities. While frosted window vinyl cannot generate electricity, it’s a powerful way to save electricity.

Frosted vinyl decals are a solution for creating a green home or office space.

Frosted window vinyl decals offer the following benefits to any home or office environment that is focused on creating an eco-friendly work or living space:

  • Maximise natural light by allowing up to 93% of it to illuminate the interior of the home or office, greatly reducing the need to switch the lights on.
  • Slow the transfer of heat through the glass – both inwards and outwards – resulting in less need for temperature control appliances. Frosted decals keep you cool in summer, and warm in winter.
  • Filter out 95% of harmful UV rays which are not only dangerous to people, but are incredibly damaging to furniture.
  • Diminish irritating glare caused by the sun, while still allowing just the right amount of light inside.

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