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Vinyl decals are an excellent choice of window treatments. They can be made to suit any type of home and taste palette and are more affordable that other custom-designed window treatments. Designer blinds and curtains abound on the internet but installing these in your home will cost you both time and money, whereas vinyl decals are affordable and can be installed in one afternoon.

Creating a Pinterest-worthy home might sound like quite a feat. Pinterest is commonly filled with images of expensive designer-like homes but creating a home that will wow your guests doesn’t always have to cost you an arm and a leg. There are some easier and more affordable home décor options available that will give your home a plush look and feel. In fact we recently wrote a blog about how to create a designer abode through DIY options which you can read here

Vinyl decals replicate decorative sandblasting. You can achieve a sophisticated look without the hassle, cost and danger.

Decorative sandblasting is a long-standing window treatment that is considered to be sophisticated and offers a designer look and feel. This treatment typically creates some upheaval in your home as it the glass panes that you wish to have treated must be removed from your property and sandblasted by the professionals at their premises. This leaves you with some missing windows or doors which can create a security risk, or at the very least leave you let in the cold because of the lack of protection from the outside. Some providers will offer their services on-site but decorative sandblasting is a nasty affair that makes a mess and the dust can be dangerous to inhale. Vinyl decals mimic the decorative sandblasting and will leave you with exactly the same look and an even larger variety of designs to choose from. Furthermore, vinyl decals will not damage the glass in anyway which means you can use them on any pane of glass in your home. Decorative sandblasting damages the glass by removing up to 2mm off the surface of the pane – this limits you to the type of glass that you can sandblast.

Vinyl decals can help to create a Pinterest-worthy and healthier home.

Frosted vinyl decals are also considered an eco-friendly installation as they are able to assist with insulating your home. They also diminish the need for you to use artificial lighting throughout the day as they allow you to maximise the natural lighting in your home. Vinyl decals can be custom-made to suit your privacy needs and hide any unsightly views or protect you from prying eyes.

To find out more about installing vinyl decals in your home please contact Window Art directly. Alternatively, have a browse through our Frosting Inspirations Guide that showcases our different designs.

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