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The office environment is no longer a dreary space segregated by dry walls and partitions separating ‘us’ and ‘them’. Creative, collaborative and communicative workspaces are on the rise. Even better, office design trends in 2014 have shown a growing mind shift towards environmentally sustainable, ‘green’ design. Sustainable design strives to incorporate elements that result in minimal waste and reduce companies’ carbon footprints.

The implementation of measuring tools in offices shows that companies are increasingly aware of their environmental impact

The motto of environmentally sustainability is ‘what gets measured gets managed’.The rise of sustainable office design trends in 2014 have seen companies striving to responsibly manage their recycling, energy use and waste. More and more companies are taking it upon themselves to check their environmental sustainability status frequently, ensuring they are always up to date with the latest regulations or legislations. Many offices have implemented tools such as carbon footprint and paper calculators and are constantly looking for innovative ways to lower their water usage.

Maximising natural light saves energy.

Using natural light effectively is an excellent way to save on energy usage. As such, sustainable office design trends in 2014 focus on incorporating as much natural lighting into the working environment as possible by installing more windows and skylights. Unfortunately, too much natural light can create glare that bounces off computer monitors and televisions screens. This can be very irritating and uncomfortable. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to this problem. Applying frosted glass film to windows and skylights eliminates glare while still allowing 93% of natural light to beam in. As an added bonus, frosted window film insulates architectural glass. This reduces the need for indoor heating in winter and air conditioning in summer, further reducing energy use.

Update and adapt your existing office space.

One of the most wallet-friendly environmentally sustainable office design trends of 2014 simply involves choosing to work with existing structures rather than building new offices from the ground up. Rethink existing spaces. Converted warehouses are popular choices for collaborative, trendy, open plan offices. This approach works with office furniture too; instead of purchasing brand new desks, chairs or shelving, update existing items by repairing, repainting or reupholstering them. If you’re a brand new enterprise, consider buying second-hand office furniture or sourcing furniture made from eco-friendly or recycled materials instead.

Sustainable office design trends in 2014 embrace ‘green IT’

In this digital era, it’s imperative for all employees to be online throughout the entire day. Office computers are almost always switched on, and as such power usage resulting from IT systems tends to be through the roof. Many corporate IT departments have begun implementing green computing initiatives in order to reduce the environmental impact of their IT operations. ‘Green IT’ practices include reducing the use of hazardous materials, purchasing energy efficient technology wherever possible and promoting recyclability.

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