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Excitement is building with the much anticipated Johannesburg Homemakers expo just around the corner. This year will be better than ever before with added features such as an exciting new Home Design restaurant, featuring Builder’s new décor and furniture range.

If you\’re like me, having already extensively explored local shops to only leave them empty handed because they don\’t have what you\’re looking for, going to the Johannesburg Homemakers expo means your search is over thanks to a year’s worth of shopping on display under one roof. Take full advantage of the industry leaders there to assist you by asking for guidance and direction on your home improvement plans.

Where the grass is greener

In collaboration with the University of Johannesburg\’s industrial design department and sponsored by Clever Cuts, students came up with innovative ideas for adopting a green approach in your household and created high-tech designs for rechargeable lawn mowers. It\’ll be interesting to see their take on this challenge and it\’s worth a visit if your life\’s ambition is to go green in your own home.

Get inspired by eco-living with the Tshepo Seeds of Hope project by getting your very own Lucky Bean tree seedling. Do your bit to show your support for this team of people creating jobs for the country and providing much needed skills development in the home improvement sector and trying to give back to the world.You can find their stand on the upper level of the arena.

Explore the Builders DIY Theatre and stay there for hours

Watch the Builders Arena come to life with a whole theatre dedicated to DIY, ensuring you’ll be in absolute bliss in the Get-It Done demo arena. Shop for DIY tool supplies and watch their awe-inspiring product demonstrations, and remember to be on the lookout for hot specials while you\’re there. Opposite the Builders DIY Theatre at entrance seven you can let the child in you play around on the Innovate wall which lets you colour, touch and play.

This year\’s Johannesburg Homemakers competition involves shipping containers

This year\’s challenge requires 94.7\’s presenters Darren Simpson and Anele Mdoda to decorate old shipping containers. Two lucky winners stand a chance to win R100 000 worth of prizes, all you have to do is vote for your favourite design.

Browse through the Johannesburg Homemakers online publications.

If you can\’t wait until the end of the month then take a look at their library of online magazines showcasing what\’s come and gone, trends throughout the years and get a feel for what\’s in store for you this year.

Keep in mind that Window Art will be there too, stop by and see our lovely display of vinyl decals. We\’re proud of what we do and we can\’t wait to show it off to the world. Have a chat with us on how we can add vinyl decals to any environment be it at home, the office or stores and check in again to get the inside scoop of what went down at the Johannesburg Homemakers expo.

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