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We’ve had so many questions lately about our window decals service and product offering that we couldn’t possibly fit it all on one blog, read on for more insight into our product offering and be sure to check out what others had to ask in part 1.

Q: Can I pay cash on site on completion of the application?


No, unfortunately Window Art doesn’t accept cash. The payment must be made before the application can commence. Payment can be made via EFT or Payfast. Please ensure to send your proof of payment to gauteng@windowart.co.za / cape@windowart.co.za

Q: What is your lead time after the quotation has been accepted?


The lead time is between 4 – 7 working days depending on the availability in our schedule.

Q: Why do I have to pay a minimum order amount? Can you remove this from the quotation?


Unfortunately, it’s not viable for the company to do work for under the minimum order, regardless of whether the client is a returning customer or not. The core business expenses (fuel, salaries, material, etc.) that need to be paid don’t allow for work to be done under the minimum order amount. In fact, the company already absorbs some of the costs on a minimum order, making these less profitable for us.

Q: I am interior designer/architect do I receive a special price?


We will give you 10% discount on each completed application. Window Art will supply you with 2 formal quotations:

a) One quotation quoted at full price for the customer.

b) One quotation with a 10% discount for you.

Window Art deals with you directly for all payments. Full payment is needed upfront for work quoted. Window Art will do on-site measurements, design consultations and applications.

Q: I have been charged for a ladder/scaffolding. Can I supply my own ladder and have this charge removed from my quotation?


The ladder charge is added as it is a risk for the team as well as the handling of the vinyl material to work at that height. This charge also covers the additional time required to complete the application as it is not standard. Window Art does not add the cost for the hire of the ladder and even if a ladder can be supplied on-site the charge will still remain.

Q: I have received another quotation from a different supplier/company with a better price, why is your quotation so expensive?


Window Art offers a 10 year guarantee on imported window decals that is used including designs on our website as well as the professional application. Window Art is one of the few companies that can prepare and supply window decals material for window sizes up to 1.5 meters. Most other companies are limited to 1.2 meters. Please ensure that the quotation supplied by the alternative company offers the same guarantee and superb vinyl material quality and service that we offer, make sure that they are quoting for the same product (vinyl lifespan).

Q: Can you apply vinyl to mirrors?


Yes we can, however, please ensure that the glass is made from a smooth surface.

Q: Do you supply the glass and vinyl?


Window Art unfortunately do not sell or install glass. Window Art specialises in installing window decals on existing or already installed glass windows and doors.

Got any more questions for us? We’d love to hear from you, otherwise check out part 1 of our FAQ blog to see even more questions and answers. If you want a price estimate of how much your glass art installation could cost, why not try our pricing calculator and download our product catalogue for glass art design to inspire you. 

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