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Window film is everywhere you look, once you start paying attention, you might even feel like it’s following you. At the petrol station, banks, shops, restaurants and toilets.  Without window film the world around us would be a much bleaker place. Beauty salons in particular, apply window film to attract attention and draw customers inside. When we recently installed window film to our clients beauty spa, it got us thinking about the look and feel of the place. So, here’s how to bedazzle your home using beauty spas décor ideas.

Create a stress-free environment

When you walk into our client’s beauty spa you immediately feel calm and relaxed. This could be due to a number of things – open spaces; natural lighting and minimalist décor. Create open spaces by removing clutter and throw out stuff you’ll never use again. For this look you need to survive with the bare minimum, allow your eyes and mind to breath in a stress-free environment.

Décor ideas that will make your eyes pop

Lighting is important in a salon, it sets the mood and definitely has an effect on people\’s well-being. I am sure plenty of times you found yourself doing some quick work on the dinner table, only to strain your eyes and end your work more frustrated than when you began. Provide your home with plenty of light features. Hanging pendants may be mostly seen as a decorative piece, but they also do their job at providing adequate light onto a work focused area. Too much light sets the mood off balance, and our window film will take care of that problem quickly.

Put your prized possessions on display

Beauty spas love to show off their products on a shelf display. Copy this style by making your own floating shelves that show off the things you are most proud of. Trending right now is to place your shelves in a neglected corner  adjacent to each other in a criss cross fashion.

To get the minimalist, uncluttered look on your bookshelves, especially if you go for the box look, you need to restrict yourself to placing no more than five items on each shelf. For instance you could have a small plant, three books and an ornament of your choice. If you are a creative buff and like to recycle, then feast your eyes on this funky DIY popsicle hexagon shelf.

Décor ideas with a warm, welcoming feeling

A beauty spa will not be without a tray here or there. Place serving trays on your living room coffee table topped with a bouquet of followers and wine glasses or for the bathroom, add a face towel, bath salts and pretty rose petals. To get truly into it, place a throw underneath the trays, particularly in your living room.

Complete your look with candles

To give your home the true beauty spa treatment, place those black river rocks at the bottom of a jar and place a candle on top. Put candles and rocks in your bathroom along with simple white towels folded up ready to be used.

Take your look to the next level

Last, but certainly not least, add a touch of frosted window decals to your home. Be it in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or on your sliding door. Beauty spas tend to favour cute patterns like bubbles for their windows, but we can blend any frosted window decals you have in mind into your own décor ideas.

Image Credit: http://becuo.com/

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