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As the latest technology is brought into our classrooms, space design must support the new digital classroom. These technological advancements have far-reaching consequences on our young minds. Our client, an ambitious teacher noticed the effects the sun had on her students especially when it hit its lowest point, in the afternoon.

Whether her students were on their tablets or working with traditional studying material, the sun would irritate them and she noticed how their productivity levels took a knock. Our client began researching ways to curb this problem and found us. She convinced the school’s board to install frosted window film.

Why our frosted window film is a welcomed learning aid in the classroom

A paradigm shift in the classroom has a new focus on learning rather than teaching, and because of it educators have to reevaluate their classroom design.  According to Educause, a nonprofit organisation dedicated to shape decisions in the the higher education sector, “learning spaces are not mere containers for a few, approved activities; instead, they provide environments for people.” Considering ergonomics is an integral consideration when designing learning environments.

In summer, the sun would heat up our client’s classroom and have a detrimental affect on everyone’s energy levels. Frosted window film installation on the classroom windows significantly decreased the heat gained during summer, but at the same time frosted window film decreases heat loss in winter. There is a reduction in energy usage and,  as an added bonus it can be a crime buster too, because frosted window film strengthens any window, rendering it shatterproof.

You can choose from a wide range of custom designs to suit any institution. In our client’s case, they chose a strip of frosted window film that covers the entire length of the classroom from one end to the other on the bottom half of the window. Our client also brought to our attention that on the opposite end of the classroom are a set of  windows that face the corridor which often get an influx of students walking by between periods. As the students passed did, they would look up and watch them pass by. To eliminate this distraction the same frosted window film was installed.

Why frosted window film is a refreshing addition to the classroom environment

We’ve done our homework, and here are a few figures. Frosted window film softens harsh sunlight by filtering 95% of UV rays, while letting in 93% of natural light. Compare that to the 75-80% of natural light that blinds filter in a room. Window film will ensure glare reduction in our client’s classroom, so her students can focus on getting their working done. Download our corporate guide to get a feel for the vinyl art film we have to offer and try out our pricing calculator, where you can get a price estimate for your vinyl art installation.

Image Credit: http://www.lustalux.co.uk

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