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Everyone is after that flawless, chic and sophisticated look, especially in the office. Your answer is glass walls, although they have a rep for conjuring up a feeling of an art gallery, there’s no reason why your business can’t enjoy all the benefits of installing glass walls in your office – if you already have them, we have a way to make them even better.

What to do when your office has too many glass walls and not enough privacy

Our client approached us with a number of concerns regarding their glass walls. For starters, their building is made up of separate glass-walled offices. The problem with this is that people constantly come in and out of their offices and staff were being distracted because by the movement. In an effort to retreat many head to the conference room which also has glass walls. Once there they still had the distraction of people walking past and were plagued with another problem: colleagues interrupting because they needed the room for a meeting. There simply was nowhere to hide.

Our client also had a glass balustrade stairway leading to upstairs offices from the reception area. They noticed that while the glass balustrades were beautiful, they didn’t make the process of climbing up the high staircase any easier. People walked very slowly up the stairs as they could see below. We offered our product as a solution to all these concerns: window film for the offices, conference room and glass balustrades.

Why an open office is a bad idea?

According to Fast Company, “this is the problem with open-office layouts: It assumes that everyone’s time belongs to everyone else. It doesn’t.” We all work alone and need our privacy in order to do so. You don’t want to isolate yourself either as this leads to a decrease in collaboration. Window decals offer the perfect compromise in this situation, because you can delegate how many window decals you want to place on your windows and glass walls. You will also save on energy because you won’t have to rely as much on artificial light. This is not only great for your bottom line, but the environment as well. Remember every little bit counts.

Using window decals as a branding option

Our film is also the perfect way to show off your company signature. We can replicate your company’s logo, slogan or any kind of corporate imagery on your glass walls. We have a design team that handles this exclusively and will showcase your business to its maximum potential. For more information on the branding benefits of window decals read our featured installation on using window film as an office billboard.

Just as our tastes change over time, your window film preferences might change too. Whenever you’re ready for a new look or you’re moving offices, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is your window film damaging the window. The film can be removed easily without leaving any residue. Our team of specialists are dedicated to delivering a valued service during every stage of your window film installation. We gather insight into your office environment when we pay a visit to your premises and take accurate measurements of your windows or glass walls – all to make sure we create a space that will work well in your office environment. For more information, feel free to download our product catalogue.

Image Credit: http://modern-glass.co.uk

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