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An office building is like a home – each one has it’s own unique character. Some offices are perfect just the way they are while others could do with a little more work. . The most important thing is to ensure your office space reflects a professional image for your company while still incorporating an atmosphere that’s pleasant to work in and is unique to the people who work there. We’ve found that it’s the simple touches that count and really make a difference in a room. Here’s a look at how we applied this principle when we went to work on a local startup.

How we helped our client stand out on the office block

Picture a small IT business with a little space on the second floor of a corporate apartment building. Picture their board room and front door windows completely bare. Now add corporate branded window film to that picture – it makes a world of difference. What once was simple, plain and faceless has turned into a brand they can be proud of and is now the talk of the town.

Our client thought about what their office space should look like in order to separate themselves from the other businesses surrounding them. The design of any office space should take into account who will see it, the kind of impression you want to create and the industry environment you find yourself in. Although they were placed in a corporate office building, our client was determined to put their own stamp on this space. Window film’s minimalist nature allows companies to effortlessly transition from bare windows to branded excellence.

What our client had to say about the added fixture

Our client informs us that new clients are able to find them easier, thanks to their window film display. And they’ve heard nothing but compliments from visitors about their jeuged up look. The best thing is, our window film will stay firmly on your windows or glass dividers for as long as you need it. If you want to touch them up in a few year’s time we can do that. And if, for any reason you should move offices, our window film can be easily removed, without leaving any nasty residue.

We can replicate your company’s logo, slogan, imagery and font to blend in naturally with windows. Our specialised in-house design team is at your beck and call to showcase your business to its full potential. We’ve installed window film on many different kinds of surfaces in the office from reception rooms to meeting rooms, shop windows, office entrances, boardrooms, office bathrooms and glass-partition walls. If it’s made of glass, we can decorate it with window film.

Enjoy more privacy in a board meeting using elebrate vinyl decals. Help motivate and inspire your staff as they brainstorm ideas, chat to clients or just want some quiet-time. Office glass dividers are also easy to maneuver around the office, add vinyl decals to the picture and you have a stylish and decorative moving piece of art. Have a look at our vinyl decals corporate guide for more information.

Image credit: https://unsplash.com

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