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As much as we enjoy the sunny South African summers, the sun’s harmful rays pose a serious threat to both your skin and home furniture, while also raising the temperature of your home. In our featured installation, we received a brief from a homeowner moving into a new luxe home which consisted mostly of floor-to-ceiling windows.

The client didn’t want to invest in outdated curtains or blinds when moving into an ultramodern green home

As the home overlooks the beach of the cosmopolitan Camp’s Bay area in Cape Town, the client didn’t want to spoil the view, but was concerned about the effect direct sunlight would have on her designer furnishings and temperature levels in the home. The client, who is as stylish as she is eco-conscious, wanted a long-lasting solution that would save her money, protect the environment and underpin her style. We suggested frosted glass as the best window treatment for her requirements.

Frosted glass is a great insulator, reducing the need to use appliances to cool or heat the home

The client’s ultra-mod home is also an ultra-green home. With a solar geyser, on-site water filtration, worm farm and full-on recycling system to boot, there is no way the client would settle for a treatment that isn’t eco-friendly. It’s no surprise then that the client strongly dislikes air conditioners to keep cool, as it not only affects her pocket, but the environment too. Frosted glass acts as an insulating layer, keeping the temperature inside the home moderate and eliminating the need to use artificial methods of keeping cool. The same goes for the cold winter months, when there’s no need to reach for that energy-sapping heater, as the frosted glass insulates the home.

Vinyl decals allow you to get rid of outdated window treatments while still enhancing natural light

The client, who’s used to sprucing up her home with new decorations quite often, didn’t want to go through the hassle of a) finding a curtain/blind she liked, and b) having to replace them frequently due to sun damage or outdated patterns. While the client wanted privacy, she still wanted enough light to illuminate her home. Frosted glass is the answer. Aside from insulating the home, the window treatment enhances natural light. It allows for 93% of natural light to illuminate home, while still blocking out 95% of harmful UV rays. The frosted part of the glass is also completely opaque – even when wet or at night when the lights are switched on. This means that all the client’s valuables are protected, as well as her privacy.

Frosted glass enables you to showcase your unique décor taste without distracting from the outside view

There’s no point in covering up a spectacular view just to escape the sun’s rays or prying eyes. Frosted glass helped the client to add to her green and ultra-mod home without compromising her visibility of the Atlantic. Along with the client, we designed vinyl decals that suited both her need to see the ocean and add to her unique style. The custom-made frosted glass designs are also durable and come with a 10-year guarantee.

Window Art has been part of many a project which resulted in the client getting exactly what they desired. We are always ready for a new challenge and like to create products that are both purpose and design driven. For more ideas on how to bring frosted glass into your home, have a browse through our Window Covering guide.

Image credit: http://www.leadbitterglass.co.uk/

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