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We all have something in our homes that irritate us, whether it’s a leaking drain that’s never been fixed, a wet roof stain, or any other home improvement project you were meant to do, but never got round to doing. There’s always something else that comes up and procrastination becomes out best friend. We say to ourselves repeatedly, “I’ll do it this weekend” – but how did that turn out? We’re all guilty of putting our house projects on the back burner, especially if it takes a lot of time and effort to execute. But for The Naidoo family, they’d collectively had enough.

What was irritating them?

Mr and Mrs Naidoo have an east-facing lounge with an expensive Lexington upholstery salon sofa. Right in the centre of the room is a frameless, clear glass coffee table. Their lounge is home to beautiful ornaments with a massively magnificent vase in the corner. The irritation, for Mrs Naidoo, is evoked by the sun’s forceful rays which creep its way inside, bathing her lovely sofa in sunlight resulting in the loss of its natural glow while speeding up the aging process.

For Mr Naidoo, over years of collecting books, had run out of space to put them and ended up using the coffee table and of course the sun got to them too. Let’s not forget their creamy, white, fluffy carpet of which the sun also couldn’t keep its rays off either.

For Nanny Naidoo, who found herself running into the sliding door quite often, partly due to the sun’s glare and partly because she was already struggling with sight, has given us a thumbs up and  we are proud to announce that with the help of vinyl decals, she is no longer hurting herself unnecessarily.

It gets better

Mr Naidoo who can’t book leave at his telecommunications job because he’s always swamped with work, didn’t have to worry about committing himself to a weekend for the purpose of installing the vinyl decals himself. All he had to do was measure the sliding doors, go onto our website and check our pricing calculator. Once he knew the cost for the installation and once his budget was set, he gave us a call and we set up an on-site quotation and the rest is, how you say … history.

The installation of window decals is a hassle-free process

The Naidoo’s have lived in the same house for over 30 years, their kids have come and gone. They never understood the benefits of window decals in that time and, if only they had known about it, they wouldn’t have had to replace their sofa. The installation process is quick and painless. Today you’ll wake up without them, by evening you’ll have vinyl decals on your window for a lifetime.

Hands up if you’ve ever faced the same frustrations as the Naidoo family. You definitely aren’t alone and you don’t have to suffer in silence. Vinyl decals solves these problems instantaneously. Get in contact with us today so we can chat about your unique window problems, finding window treatment solutions is what we do best.

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