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South Africans love to spend their time outdoors, so it makes perfect sense that a lot of effort is put into making our stoeps look gorgeous. They’re there for the sole purpose of relaxation, entertaining guests or enjoying an afternoon meal with the family.

We have stoep envy

We admire our client’s beautiful stoep for the fresh, open feel it brings to the open-planning of their home. When you walk outside you feel as if you’re on the Durban beachfront. All you have to do is climb into the cotton fishing-net hammock, kick up your feet and enjoy a refreshing drink under the small thatched gazebo. There is a luscious garden to the left, with everything in its perfect place. Right off the balcony is a beautiful river, and it seems like there’s nothing more that could make the location any better.

And here comes the catch

Since the river is so close to the house the sun reflects off the water and streams inside creating a glare similar to that of a laser pointer, especially early in the morning. However, there is a solution and here’s how window film fixed the problem.

To keep in line with the relaxed beach feel of her stoep, a window film palm tree design was chosen to be applied at the bottom of the glass doors where the sunlight was most prevalent. As your eye moves upwards the trees start to thin out at the top.  After the installation’s completion the owners’ felt an immediate difference, the sun no longer streamed into the living room and it improved the overall temperature control of the room.

There’s more to window film than meets the eye

Many people, besides our client, are realising how cost-effective window film is, more daylight hitting your home increases the heat and thus people compensate by investing in expensive air-conditioning. Thanks to the addition of window film, the heat in our clients living room became comfortably regulated to the point that she no longer felt the need to avoid this room in those high light times of the day. According to the tint Industry adding frosted glass to your windows helps decrease heat by 85%.

Although our client has a river facing property, others aren’t as lucky. At times having a stoep right on top of your neighbours can be a burden rather than a blessing. But simply adding frosted glass to your sliding doors, gives you the right amount of privacy to enjoy your stoep and private time.

Image Credit: http://www.designsponge.com/

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