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Golf, the age-old gentleman’s game is often jokingly referred to as an  as an acronym that stands for “gentlemen only, ladies forbidden”.

Sexist quips aside, however, the truth is that a large number of women enjoy and take an active interest in the game. So it’s hardly surprising that many sporting couples choose to combine their hobby and living arrangements by buying into golfing estates.

Golf estates are  increasingly sought after , but golf is not the only motivator. Living on the edge of a lush green and tranquil environment also plays its part.

Of course, having a home based on a communal living space can have its drawbacks. For one, privacy can be somewhat compromised. Here’s how one Window Art client overcame the select few disadvantages of living on a golf estate.

Your windows just want to have fun

With a house close to the greens our client wanted to enjoy the idyllic setting of his home while still maintaining his privacy. By using strategically placed vinyl decals, he was able to screen his living space from passing sportspeople, without compromising his view or the flood of natural light that pours into the home.

Prior to discovering vinyl decals our client had deprived himself of a beautiful view by being trapped behind baggy drapes.

What’s your housing handicap?

Our client had spent years pondering what to do to change his housing ‘handicap’ when he came across our website. He’s pleased he did, we took excellent care of him. Having fitted quality vinyl decals to his windows upstairs and downstairs, with no-noise-no-fuss installation, even his neighbours didn’t know something was afoot.

Reasons why vinyl decals are the best option.

A primary advantage of vinyl decals, and even vinyl art, is their hassle-free maintenance. In addition it actually strengthens your windows. The advantage, of course, for people living on a golf estate is that if a golf ball should ever come hurtling towards your window, a vinyl decal will prevent the glass from shattering.

Our client also told us that an unintended benefit of adding vinyl decals was that it protects his furniture. “By minimising direct sunlight vinyl decals have added years to our wood and upholstered furniture,” he said.

If you, like our client are stuck pondering over what to do with your golf home windows, be it vinyl decals or vinyl art, get in touch, we have the solution you’ve been looking for.

Image credit: http://www.pearlvalleygolflodge.com/

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