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Living in a complex can sometimes be a nuisance, to say the least. On occasion it can feel like Big Brother himself is watching, with snooping eyes coming from every direction. And why not? What’s stopping your nosey neighbors from sneaking a peek every now and again, particularly if you, like me, prefer not to spend your life hidden behind blinds and curtains.

It can be annoying, but there’s no need to turn your home into a dark and dingy dungeon, simply because you feel the need to hide away. You can upgrade the windows in your home to hide you from prying eyes, while at the same time adding a touch of personality with an easy to apply sandblasting alternative.

Why frosted window film is a better option than sandblasting

Traditional sandblasting is a lifetime commitment. Once you’ve imprinted the glass, there’s no going back, unless. of course, you replace all your windows. The technique also strips away about 2mm of the glass pane, which means it also weakens the glass.

With frosted window film, however, you get exactly the same look, as well as a quality assurance that the product will last, but in the event that you decide you no longer want the film, you can remove it.

Why frosted window film is better than curtains

Curtains, they’re the most obvious choice, right? But did you know with all the dust they accumulate, you could easily end up sharing your home with bedbugs. All it takes for you to get attacked by these menacing creatures is if you decide to take down your curtains for a clean. Now you’ve disturbed them and they have free reign of the house.

Most curtains are ‘air barriers’ meaning they keep all the air inside your room. Which will be perfect for winter, but an absolute nightmare in summer. Our frosted window film takes away the sauna effect created by curtains by allowing a free flow of air through your home.

Don’t be blinded by blinds

Blinds offer limited insulation, it would be just the same as having nothing on your window. With blinds you will run into the same problem of becoming dust collectors. The cleaning of your blinds becomes a difficult exercise because you will have to remove them completely in to clean them.

We’ve saved the best for last

Frosted window film is the perfect alternative to blinds, curtains and sandblasting. It spices up your décor, you can choose from a range of designs or keep things simple. Best of all they provide privacy, and such as abundance of sunlight that you might need sunblock (Wait! No you won’t, because this film blocks ultraviolet rays) and will definitely not collect dust.

Frosted window film needs no maintenance. The film comes in various decorative designs and patterns, so you can customize your home as you like. For more information on this simple and effective solution visit Window Art.

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