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We’re sure you’ll agree that the best kind of house decorating tips are the kind that don’t require hours of fiddly, back-breaking work or tools and materials that will set you back hundreds of Rands. Luckily, with a little creativity and a touch of resourcefulness, decorating your home can be an easy, inexpensive and fun process.

We’ve put together five of our favourite easy, fuss-free house decorating tips.

1. Look to Mother Nature for inspiration.

Anyone who’s been for a stroll though a lush forest or gazed down at a spring valley in bloom will know that Mother Nature has the best house decorating tips. Including natural fibres and textures into your home gives it a grounded, inviting feel that instantly puts people at ease. Take advantage of what nature has to offer in the form of natural elements like flowers, seashells, sand and pebbles.

You can decorate your house with flowers for free – pick some wild flowers or see what’s growing in your own garden. If you can’t find wild flowers, buy an inexpensive bunch from the supermarket. Instead of simply plonking the whole bunch in one vase, try cutting individual stems to different lengths and arranging the flowers in a collection of elegant glass bottles. You don’t even need flowers – stems and green leaves make for equally beautiful décor. What’s more, green foliage tends to last longer than flowers do.

Another really simple house decorating tip is to artfully display fresh fruit around the home. Fill a wide glass vase or bowl with crisp, green apples, bright lemons or ruby red pomegranates. Fresh fruit is not only pleasing to the eye; it also lends the room a feeling of hospitality and smells delicious.

Alternatively, filling a wide glass vase with seashells, clean sea sand or smooth pebbles is a beautifully understated way to add texture and detail to a room.

2. Transform shelves into a focal point.

Shelves aren’t just for storing things – they’re also an opportunity to add detail and colour to a room. Give shelves a new look by painting the back wall a bright colour, or even several colours. This simple technique transforms wall shelves into an attractive feature that draws the eye and brightens the room.  For a more understated, seamless look, opt to paint the back walls of your shelves the same colour as the room’s walls.

3. Repurpose or upcycle existing items.

Upcycling is inexpensive, trendy and eco-friendly. Before going out to buy new furniture or décor items, make an inventory of what you already have and think about how you can creatively repurpose what you’ve got on hand.

You don’t have to be ‘crafty’ to take advantage of upcycling. Repurposing can be as simple as using a stack of large hardcover books to create a low side table or using old jam jars and coffee tins as stationery holders.

4. Pillows, quilts and throws work wonders.

Here’s one of our top money-saving house decorating tips: instead of shelling out for new bedroom or lounge furniture, consider simply getting a few new pillows, throws or quilts. These kinds of accessories can completely transform the look and feel of your bedroom or lounge. Nothing is more inviting than a bed piled high with soft pillows and a thick quilt. Pillows in particular are the bedroom decorator’s secret weapon. Mix and match different sizes, colours, prints and textures for a look that’s as unique as you are. Shop around in boutique and department stores – you’ll find gems in both.

5. Dress your windows with frosted vinyl.

Frosted window vinyl is a stylish, affordable alternative to curtains and blinds. The frosted look complements any décor style or colour scheme and decals can be designed to suit your personal taste. One of the greatest benefits of frosted vinyl decals is that they provide privacy without blocking out natural light. As any home decorator will tell you, the most important and timeless of all house decorating tips is that nothing beats a bright, airy home filled with natural light.

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